1849 Energy Partners Oprtng, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By 1849 Energy Partners Oprtng, LLC
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Leases Operated by 1849 Energy Partners Oprtng, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-171877 ATLAS, MILDRED Johnson County
05-264402 HOWARD GIBBS Denton County
09-054785 WAGGONER, MARIE Wise County
09-055054 WAGGONER, MARIE Wise County
09-056557 WAGGONER, MARIE Wise County
09-106816 FOUTS-BEAVER UNIT Wise County
09-107550 CHILDERS Wise County
09-109471 PRUETT-PROSPECT UNIT Wise County
09-111852 HIGGS UNIT Denton County
09-112916 SAINT Wise County
09-116383 FERGUSON #3 Wise County
09-117064 FERGUSON #2 Wise County
09-120955 MCCURDY Wise County
09-126988 TALLY, ONETA Denton County
09-160449 MERRITT, MARCIA Denton County
09-160651 MERRITT, MARCIA Denton County
09-162696 WAGGONER, HAZEL Wise County
09-162775 POTTER, H. M. "B" Wise County
09-164093 POTTER, H. M. "B" Wise County
09-164094 POTTER, H. M. GAS UNIT Wise County
09-164916 POTTER "A" Wise County
09-178033 CLAY HILL CATTLE CO. "A" Wise County
09-178034 CLAY HILL CATTLE CO. "A" Wise County
09-178646 HILTON-WOOD UNIT Wise County
09-178824 MYERS, JERRY "ABC" Wise County
09-179492 MERRITT, MARCIA Denton County
09-180402 MERRITT, MARCIA Denton County
09-180405 CLAY HILL CATTLE CO. "A" Wise County
09-180768 PEEK Wise County
09-188067 DOWNE Denton County
09-188070 POTTER, H. M. GAS UNIT Denton County
09-188550 TALLY, ONETA Denton County
09-188552 GIBBS, BERT Denton County
09-188555 DUNN-JACKSON Denton County
09-188556 DOWNE Denton County
09-188560 MCRAE Denton County
09-188561 MCRAE Denton County
09-188566 DUNN-JACKSON Denton County
09-189229 MERRITT, W. A. Denton County
09-193359 BARNETT Denton County
09-195517 MCCURDY Wise County
09-198612 MCCURDY Wise County
09-198614 MAEYERS Wise County
09-200751 DOWNE Wise County
09-200752 MAEYERS Wise County
09-200777 PRUETT PROSPECT UNIT Wise County
09-201994 BARNETT Denton County
09-202065 BARNETT Denton County
09-212660 AMBROSE Johnson County
09-213200 GIBBS, HOWARD Denton County
09-213345 GIBBS, HOMER Denton County
09-214618 ATLAS, MILDRED Johnson County
09-214667 MAEYERS Wise County
09-214669 MAEYERS Wise County
09-214898 BROWNLEE Johnson County
09-215620 MARTIN, J. L. Johnson County
09-229275 HOUGH-MANNING Wise County
09-229276 HOUGH-MANNING Wise County
09-229361 GILPIN Johnson County
09-230896 CROCKETT Denton County
09-231515 MC CUTCHIN Denton County
09-231517 MERRITT, HOWARD Denton County
09-231522 GIBBS UNIT Denton County
09-231523 FORD, LORENZO Johnson County
09-231693 CROCKETT Denton County
09-239370 ACOLA Wise County
09-239927 DOWNE GAS UNIT Denton County
09-239928 DOWNE GAS UNIT Denton County
09-239929 MERRELL GAS UNIT Denton County
09-239930 MCRAE Denton County
09-240120 ARNOLD-TALLEY Denton County
09-240632 SILKEN Johnson County
09-250441 DUNN-JACKSON UNIT Denton County
09-250445 STRICKLAND Denton County
09-250446 STRICKLAND Denton County
09-251832 GIBBS UNIT Denton County
09-256250 BARNETT Denton County
09-259681 ACOLA Wise County
09-261407 STRICKLAND Wise County
09-261739 STRICKLAND Wise County

Drilling Permits Filed by 1849 Energy Partners Oprtng, LLC