20TH Century Pipe & Equip.Co.Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By 20TH Century Pipe & Equip.Co.Inc
Map of Wells Operated by 20TH Century Pipe & Equip.Co.Inc
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Leases Operated by 20TH Century Pipe & Equip.Co.Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-114837 BONUGLI, H. P. Webb County
08-21755 SALE, J. C. Martin County
08-23140 HOELSCHER, I. Glasscock County
08-23180 CONTINENTAL OIL CO. Glasscock County
08-23294 BIG VALLEY RANCH Martin County
08-23712 STRAACH, EWALD "A" Glasscock County
08-23735 ERNST, FRED Glasscock County
08-23755 FRYSAK,A. M. "C" Glasscock County
08-23860 HOELSCHER, A.C. Glasscock County
08-23985 STRAACH, EWALD "C" Glasscock County
08-28099 JOHNSON "Z" Loving County
08-30047 UNIVERSITY -3031- Crane County
08-31003 SLASH -D- Loving County
08-31252 SLASH -H- Loving County
08-31425 SLASH -Q- Loving County
08-31565 SLASH -N- Loving County
08-31566 SLASH -U- Loving County
08-31844 SLASH -Y- Loving County
08-31947 SLASH -M- Loving County
08-35579 SLASH "D" Loving County
08-36300 JOHNSON Z Loving County
7B-17336 WILHITE Fisher County
7B-19603 HERRING Jones County
7B-20318 TOUCHSTONE Jones County
7B-24128 FRANKE Jones County
7C-09389 UNIVERSITY "35" Reagan County
7C-10676 HICKMAN "A" Reagan County
7C-10799 BARNHART-HICKMAN "A" Reagan County
7C-10953 UNIVERSITY "D" Reagan County
7C-11030 UNIVERSITY "F" Reagan County
7C-11162 UNIVERSITY "C" Reagan County
7C-11351 UNIVERSITY "F" Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by 20TH Century Pipe & Equip.Co.Inc