3-T Exploration, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By 3-T Exploration, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by 3-T Exploration, Inc.
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Leases Operated by 3-T Exploration, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-04193 GOLDSMITH Hopkins County
05-04245 KARNEY UNIT Hopkins County
06-14086 KISSAM Smith County
06-14135 GWIN, NAOMI Smith County
06-14144 ROGERS, VERA Smith County
06-14185 JONES, NOLLIE Smith County
06-14202 HENDRIX Smith County
06-14215 JONES "A" Smith County
06-14222 ANDERSON Smith County
06-14225 BOUCHER UNIT Smith County
06-14258 CAGLE UNIT Smith County
06-14262 LEON UNIT Smith County
06-14269 DEAN-ALLUMS UNIT Smith County
06-14290 DEAN UNIT Smith County
06-14318 EDWARDS, BEN Smith County
06-14369 EDWARDS UNIT Smith County
06-14845 SWANN UNIT Smith County
06-14898 SHAMGAR UNIT Smith County
06-14941 SST UNIT Smith County
06-14961 NORTH UNIT Smith County
06-15161 JOHNSTON UNIT Smith County
06-15497 MORGAN UNIT Smith County
09-03444 SMITH, ALLARD Jack County
09-110843 PENNARTZ Clay County
09-11519 STEWART, G. P. Young County
09-125485 SCALING "T" Clay County
09-14369 NORTH WILTON /STRAWN/ UNIT #1 Young County
09-14398 STEWART, GRAHAM P. -B- Young County
09-15269 NICHOLS, A. P. Archer County
09-15401 WILTON FIELD UNIT Young County
09-16124 DONALD, P. & MONTAGUE CATTLE CO. Montague County
09-18015 DONALD, P.&MONTAGUE CATTLE CO. A Montague County
09-18325 MARTIN, DAN L Montague County
09-18420 BRASHEAR Montague County
09-18853 DEEN, GEORGE Montague County
09-18892 SCALING Clay County
09-19041 DAGNAN, JOHN MICHAEL Grayson County
09-19123 DAGNAN, TONY Grayson County
09-19208 BOOTH Clay County
09-20168 DAGNAN, TONY Grayson County
09-25772 RALEY Jack County
09-26219 PACE "B" Archer County
09-26533 COLEMAN Archer County
09-26810 GODWIN UNIT Grayson County
09-27099 COLEMAN MOBLEY UNIT Archer County
09-27126 COLEMAN Archer County
09-27181 COLEMAN UNIT Archer County
09-27426 SCHENK Archer County
09-27610 SCHENK Archer County
09-27771 SCHENK Archer County
09-28033 BOOTH-GARRETT Jack County
09-28253 SCHENK Archer County
09-28564 MEURER UNIT Archer County
09-28902 RALEY Jack County
09-28938 TEICHMAN Archer County
09-29017 ROY SCHENK UNIT Archer County
09-29018 NORTH SCHENK Archer County
09-29419 SCHENK-SCHREIBER UNIT Archer County
09-29614 STARNES-TALLY UNIT Clay County
09-29891 KINDER-ONION CREEK Archer County
09-29937 SCALING EAST Clay County
09-29976 CONLEY UNIT Hardeman County
09-30631 HAYS Montague County
09-30645 SCHENK Archer County
09-30757 WAGGONER, W. T. ESTATE "Y" Wilbarger County
09-32287 SEAY Montague County
09-32386 SHIELDS 'C' Montague County
09-32536 SEAY A Montague County
09-32654 WHITESIDE Montague County
09-33746 BRATCHER Montague County
10-06523 FLOWERS UNIT Roberts County
10-06527 MARTIN TRUST Roberts County
10-07690 MARTIN TRUST Roberts County
10-122008 WELLS, J. O. Roberts County
10-123805 MARTIN TRUST A Roberts County
10-124520 MARTIN TRUST A1092 Roberts County
10-125144 MARTIN TRUST -A- Roberts County
10-129707 MARTIN TRUST B Roberts County
7C-19604 RANKIN 9 Upton County
8A-69049 SCARBROUGH UNIT Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by 3-T Exploration, Inc.