4R Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By 4R Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by 4R Oil Company
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TYLER, TX 75703

Leases Operated by 4R Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-00091 YARBROUGH Panola County
06-05161 ELROD, G. O., ESTATE Anderson County
09-20628 SANDERS, W. E. Clay County
09-21385 SANDERS, W.E. "A" Clay County
09-21823 WOOD, DOYAL Clay County
09-25964 WOOD, DOYAL "A" Clay County
6E-06196 ROBERSON, J. Rusk County
6E-06197 ROGERS Gregg County
6E-06471 LAIRD, BEN Gregg County
6E-06695 POST OAK CHURCH Gregg County
6E-06737 CHRISTIAN -A- Gregg County
6E-06738 CHRISTIAN -B- Gregg County
6E-06740 EDWARDS Upshur County
6E-06745 MCGREDE -A- Gregg County
6E-06747 PHILLIPS, W. Gregg County
6E-06980 MATTOX, MAYE Upshur County
6E-07106 LLOYD, JNO. Gregg County
6E-07161 MAGRILL, MAGGIE Gregg County
6E-07355 YORK-WH Gregg County
6E-07443 LLOYD HEIRS Gregg County
6E-07494 BEAN, J. S. Rusk County
6E-07508 CHRISTIAN, ARTHUR -B- Gregg County
6E-07532 FLEMISTER, JULIA Gregg County
6E-07575 MCKINLEY,J.C. & R.S. -B- R/A -B- Gregg County
6E-07576 MCKINLEY,J.C. & R.S. -B- R/A -C- Gregg County
6E-07598 RICHEY, E. G. -A- Gregg County
6E-07599 RICHEY, E. G. -B- Gregg County
6E-07626 STUCKEY-THRASHER -A- Gregg County
6E-08125 FLANAGAN, J. W. Rusk County
6E-08128 FREE, J. W. Gregg County
6E-08132 GREEN, A. J. Gregg County
6E-08136 HINEMAN, C. E. Gregg County
6E-08151 MAGRILL, ELMIRA Gregg County
6E-08161 PERKINS, A. K. Rusk County
6E-08181 WEBB, CLARA Rusk County
6E-08182 WELLS, DICK Rusk County
6E-08234 COLE, M. T. Gregg County
6E-08470 WOOLEY, J. Rusk County
6E-08471 JONES, FLOYD Gregg County
7C-10351 SIMCIK FAMILY Tom Green County
7C-10361 SIMCIK, CLIFTON Tom Green County
7C-10696 SIMCIK, CLIFTON Tom Green County

Drilling Permits Filed by 4R Oil Company