5 G Resources, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By 5 G Resources, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by 5 G Resources, LLC
Contact Information
Company Name:

PO BOX 9531
WICHITA FALLS, TX 76308-9531

Leases Operated by 5 G Resources, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00607 RICHARDSON, J. T. Archer County
09-07595 BLOODWORTH -A- Young County
09-07608 HUNTER-BENSON -A- Young County
09-18262 GAHAGAN, C. P. -A- Jack County
09-22084 WOLF, WILLIE Young County
09-23281 EVANS Young County
09-23390 WALKER, HOWARD Young County
09-24037 BLOODWORTH, J. M. "A" Young County
09-24556 CHOAT "WEST" Young County
09-25190 NEAL Archer County
09-26023 COPELAND, FRANCES Archer County
09-30048 WAGGONER ESTATE Wilbarger County
09-30057 WAGGONER ESTATE Wilbarger County
09-31479 NEAL Young County
09-31983 WOLF Young County
09-32314 WAGGONER CAMP CREEK Wilbarger County
09-32359 BASS Young County
09-32705 CLARK Young County
09-32887 CHOAT "B" Young County
09-32933 HANNIS Young County
10-090432 HARLAN, L. Gray County
10-090433 BAILEY-JOHNSON UNIT -1- Gray County
10-090434 BENTLEY, G. A. Gray County
10-090435 BAILEY, J. Gray County
10-090436 BAILEY, EDGAR Gray County
10-092336 KATHY Wheeler County
10-092338 KRISTEN Gray County
10-102943 RAILSBACK Gray County
10-104335 BAILEY, OPAL Gray County

Drilling Permits Filed by 5 G Resources, LLC