Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LC
Map of Wells Operated by Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LC
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Leases Operated by Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01768 HENDERSON Atascosa County
01-01772 SCHUMANN, A. O. Atascosa County
01-01776 WEIGANG, G. F. Atascosa County
01-02584 HENRY, J. B. McMullen County
01-12277 HENRY, J.B. McMullen County
01-12935 HENRY, E.M. "C" McMullen County
02-003283 HICKS GAS UNIT V Bee County
02-01222 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-01915 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-02352 GILLETT, H. P. Live Oak County
02-02958 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Victoria County
02-02960 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Victoria County
02-037001 RYALS ESTATE -P- Refugio County
02-038088 OBRIEN, J. M., D & E Refugio County
02-03923 OCONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-03960 OBRIEN, J. J., -B- Refugio County
02-03990 OCONNOR, THOS. Refugio County
02-03994 HEARD, F. V. W. Refugio County
02-03996 HEARD, J. F. B.- TEX Refugio County
02-04011 OCONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-052765 OBRIEN, J. M. -D- Refugio County
02-052766 OBRIEN, J. M. -D- Refugio County
02-05281 HEARD, J. F. B. Refugio County
02-053584 OBRIEN, J. M. D & E Refugio County
02-053585 OBRIEN, J. M. -B- Refugio County
02-055319 OBRIEN, J. J. -B- Refugio County
02-059832 OCONNOR, TOM Refugio County
02-061699 OCONNOR, TOM Refugio County
02-06733 SHELTON, F. BEN ET AL Refugio County
02-07913 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-085106 OBRIEN, J. M. -B- Refugio County
02-085208 OBRIEN, J. M. -A- Refugio County
02-085256 OBRIEN, J. M. -A- Refugio County
02-086196 OBRIEN J. M. -B- Refugio County
02-086197 OBRIEN, J. M. -B- Refugio County
02-08633 O'BRIEN, J. M. J-1 (AR) Refugio County
02-08684 O'CONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-08731 HEARD, F. V. W. Refugio County
02-08784 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-08827 O'CONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-102317 HERRING RANCH 67-1 Live Oak County
02-137193 O'CONNOR, THOMAS (AMOCO) Refugio County
02-137754 O'BRIEN, J. J. C (P) Refugio County
02-137761 O'BRIEN, J.J. "B" Refugio County
02-137952 MATULA, ROBERT Live Oak County
02-140465 MATULA, ROBERT E. Live Oak County
02-140541 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-141066 O'BRIEN, J.M. D&E "D" Refugio County
02-141695 O'BRIEN, J.M. J&L "L" Refugio County
02-141804 O'BRIEN, J.M. A-2 Refugio County
02-156866 HERRING RANCH 67 Live Oak County
02-156924 O'BRIEN, J. J. A Refugio County
02-157058 O'BRIEN, J.J. A (S) Refugio County
02-157868 O'BRIEN, J. M. C Refugio County
02-159371 O'BRIEN, J. J. A(S) Refugio County
02-162985 E. YATES GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-163108 HERRING RANCH -A- Live Oak County
02-163328 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Victoria County
02-164234 DAVIS Goliad County
02-168353 DAVIS Goliad County
02-190694 O'BRIEN, J. J. Refugio County
02-190836 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-191775 HILLMAN Jackson County
02-192156 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-192188 HUGHES, D. A. Bee County
02-192217 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-192634 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-192643 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-193256 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-193265 O'BRIEN, J. M. Refugio County
02-193474 HEARD, F. V. W. Refugio County
04-116949 BRISCOE Webb County
04-13050 PEREZ Starr County
04-157820 PRADERA Brooks County
04-164403 GONZALEZ, OSBELIA SAENZ ET AL Starr County
04-166579 PALMYRA MINERALS LTD Zapata County
04-168228 SAENZ Starr County
04-170339 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-170947 PALMYRA MINERALS, LTD. Zapata County

Drilling Permits Filed by Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LC