Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LP
Map of Wells Operated by Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LP
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Leases Operated by Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01768 HENDERSON Atascosa County
01-01772 SCHUMANN, A. O. Atascosa County
01-01776 WEIGANG, G. F. Atascosa County
01-02584 HENRY, J. B. McMullen County
01-12277 HENRY, J.B. McMullen County
01-12935 HENRY, E.M. "C" McMullen County
02-01915 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-02211 ST. JOHN HEIRS Refugio County
02-02352 GILLETT, H. P. Live Oak County
02-02632 FEHRENKAMP, F. Jackson County
02-03960 OBRIEN, J. J., -B- Refugio County
02-03977 HEARD, FANNIE V. W. Refugio County
02-03978 HEARD, J. F. B. Refugio County
02-03990 OCONNOR, THOS. Refugio County
02-03994 HEARD, F. V. W. Refugio County
02-03996 HEARD, J. F. B.- TEX Refugio County
02-04011 OCONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-05130 O'CONNOR, M. E. Refugio County
02-06733 SHELTON, F. BEN ET AL Refugio County
02-06867 OCONNER, M. E. Refugio County
02-07913 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-08611 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-08731 HEARD, F. V. W. Refugio County
02-08784 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-08827 O'CONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-08889 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-08938 GOHLKE UNIT Goliad County
02-08999 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-09062 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-09193 BROOKING, G. T. Jackson County
02-09252 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-09295 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-09304 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-09317 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-09386 PLACEDO RANCH Victoria County
02-09399 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-09425 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-09442 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-09862 BRAMAN MINERALS Victoria County
02-10125 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-102317 HERRING RANCH 67-1 Live Oak County
02-10286 DEAN Victoria County
02-10419 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-10479 PATMAN Jackson County
02-10545 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-10549 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-10952 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-10977 THOMAS O'CONNOR Refugio County
02-10984 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-11011 J.F.B. HEARD-ARCO Refugio County
02-11043 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-11060 THOMAS O'CONNOR Refugio County
02-11078 DEAN Victoria County
02-11097 DEAN Victoria County
02-11193 J.M. O'BRIEN 'J' Refugio County
02-11255 ROOKE Refugio County
02-11259 SHELTON RANCH Victoria County
02-11261 SCANIO-SHELTON Refugio County
02-11306 ROOKE Refugio County
02-11346 ROOKE Refugio County
02-11354 DEAN Victoria County
02-11384 ROOKE Refugio County
02-11394 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-11399 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-11553 LENTZ Victoria County
02-11737 LENTZ Victoria County
02-192156 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-214405 JM OBRIEN "A" Refugio County
02-221898 SHAY Refugio County
02-233636 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-281284 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-284591 HACKBARTH-BURES Jackson County
02-284661 HACKBARTH Jackson County
03-048189 PIERCE EST. OIL & GAS INTS. Matagorda County
03-177123 BLACK STONE Hardin County
03-190585 BLACK STONE Hardin County
03-192034 BLACK STONE GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-24395 BLACK STONE GAS UNIT Hardin County
04-164403 GONZALEZ, OSBELIA SAENZ ET AL Starr County
04-214655 SALINAS Zapata County

Drilling Permits Filed by Acock/Anaqua Operating Co., LP