Adventure Exploration PTRS, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Adventure Exploration PTRS, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Adventure Exploration PTRS, LLC
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Leases Operated by Adventure Exploration PTRS, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-20745 GOLLADAY, B. W. -A- #1 Midland County
08-20870 GOLLADAY -B- Midland County
08-21083 PIGG, W. E. Midland County
08-21356 GOLLADAY, B. W. Andrews County
08-21500 GOLLADAY, T. A. Midland County
08-21732 KING Midland County
08-25835 KEETER Midland County
08-25974 GOLLADAY, T. A. Crane County
08-26348 EVANS "34" Glasscock County
08-26349 EVANS "33" Glasscock County
08-26458 GOLLADAY,B. W. Midland County
08-27261 BLALOCK -33- Glasscock County
08-41053 AXP "B" Midland County
08-41191 AXP "A" Midland County
08-41625 BRUNSON Glasscock County
08-41953 WEAVER Glasscock County
08-43109 RATLIFF "A" Glasscock County
7C-03284 TIPPETT -A- Upton County
7C-056654 GARNER, ANNIE Terrell County
7C-062731 GARNER, ANNIE -C- Terrell County
7C-094416 ALLISON, W. M. "22-E" Terrell County
7C-094417 ALLISON, W. M. "22-W" Terrell County
7C-095109 WHITE, RUTH "C" Terrell County
7C-095244 INGHAM FARMS "23" Terrell County
7C-095950 INGHAM "A" Terrell County
7C-097320 GARNER, P. C. "10" Terrell County
7C-099661 INGHAM "6" Terrell County
7C-099749 WHITE, RUTH "B" Terrell County
7C-099750 WHITE, RUTH "A" Terrell County
7C-122236 GARNER,P.C. "10" Terrell County
7C-14282 WEDDELL, SADIE ESTATE Reagan County
7C-14434 PFLUGER, W. Concho County
7C-15021 PFLUGER, R. Concho County
7C-15160 PFLUGER "D" Concho County
7C-16749 W. PFLUGER Concho County

Drilling Permits Filed by Adventure Exploration PTRS, LLC