Allegro Investments, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Allegro Investments, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Allegro Investments, Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

PO BOX 4085
VICTORIA, TX 77903-4085

(361) 573-5619

Leases Operated by Allegro Investments, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-07715 BURRIS-OXFORD UNIT 1 Karnes County
02-08094 SCHERER Victoria County
02-08289 EDWARDS UNIT Goliad County
02-083323 OCONNOR, DENNIS ET AL Victoria County
02-08505 MEADOR HEIRS UNIT Jackson County
02-08647 COLE Calhoun County
02-08648 COLE Calhoun County
02-086607 KNOWLES, GARY UNIT NO. 1 Goliad County
02-086655 KNOWLES, GARY UNIT Goliad County
02-08696 YENDREY FEE Jackson County
02-087033 KARNEI HEIRS Goliad County
02-08750 MASSEY Victoria County
02-08767 LAYDEN Jackson County
02-121472 KNOWLES, GARY Goliad County
02-123267 CARTWRIGHT, HOLMAN Live Oak County
02-124054 WEBERNICK G.U. Jackson County
02-125803 MCCAN, C.K. Victoria County
02-126638 HARRISON, ELSIE Jackson County
02-130621 WEARDEN CORPORATION Jackson County
02-132170 MCCAN, C.K. Victoria County
02-134516 ROBINSON Jackson County
02-142498 MCCAN, C. K. Victoria County
02-143843 BAMMERT Goliad County
02-148207 SCHERER Victoria County
02-148371 EDWARDS UNIT Goliad County
02-148609 MARKS Goliad County
02-158333 SCHAEFER-BUCKNER-HSL Jackson County
02-158343 ROBINSON RANCH - ROB "B" Jackson County
02-158810 ROBINSON RANCH - ROB Jackson County
02-158897 MUSSELMAN RANCH - MUS Jackson County
02-158898 ROBINSON RANCH - ROB Jackson County
02-159520 SCHAEFER-BUCKNER - HSL Jackson County
02-159524 SCHAEFER-BUCKNER - HSL Jackson County
02-160518 MCCAN, C. K. Victoria County
02-160784 ORMAND - ORMD Jackson County
02-161422 MCCAN, C. K. Victoria County
02-162013 KEERAN Victoria County
02-163780 J. C. THOMPSON GAS UNIT Goliad County
02-168912 YENDREY Jackson County
02-176045 RAYBON-PRESSLY UNIT Jackson County
02-176048 DANIEL ESTATE - HSL Jackson County
02-176049 MARK UNIT Jackson County
02-176376 PRUITT Jackson County
02-176788 JOHNSON FOUNDATION Jackson County
02-177887 DAVID Jackson County
02-177893 JARRATT Jackson County
02-178486 LAYDEN-YENDREY GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-179350 LAY Jackson County
02-180197 WEAVER-DUGGER UNIT Jackson County
02-180914 4 WAY RANCH Jackson County
02-182038 SAPPINGTON FARMS Jackson County
02-190838 LAKESIDE Jackson County
02-191206 COLE Calhoun County
02-193597 TRAYLOR Jackson County
02-194106 LAKESIDE Jackson County
02-194625 MCLEOD GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-194684 SIGNAL HILL Jackson County
02-198400 BIG TWELVE Jackson County
02-198623 MEEK Victoria County
02-200523 PSENCIK Victoria County
02-203112 MEEK Victoria County
02-203127 CLIBURN "A" Calhoun County
02-203169 CLIBURN "B" Calhoun County
02-205594 OVERPASS Jackson County
02-246671 THUNDERBIRD Jackson County
03-212364 NE LARIO Matagorda County
03-216462 HARDY HORN Matagorda County
03-222721 HLAVINKA Wharton County
03-230007 DAWDY LUCK Matagorda County
03-23761 ADKINS Colorado County
03-242030 WINTERMANN Colorado County
03-24654 HLAVINKA Wharton County
04-06929 SAENZ, BENJAMIN Jim Hogg County
04-092058 CITY CORPUS CHRISTI San Patricio County
04-10553 RAMIREZ, GILBERTO Jim Hogg County
04-110648 CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI San Patricio County
04-111217 CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI San Patricio County
7B-30966 HAYNES Haskell County
7B-31828 WILLIAMS Haskell County

Drilling Permits Filed by Allegro Investments, Inc.