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Leases Operated by Americo Energy Resources, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14440 PEELER Atascosa County
01-14445 PEELER Atascosa County
01-14472 DICKE Atascosa County
01-14492 DICKIE, F. H. Atascosa County
01-14558 PEELER Atascosa County
01-14647 DICKIE, F. H. Atascosa County
02-03018 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-03113 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-03531 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-04468 MC FADDIN, A. M. Victoria County
02-057966 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-058234 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-058778 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-08148 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-085113 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-089871 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-10939 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-11303 MCFADDIN, A. M. Victoria County
02-142292 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-146563 HACKNEY, JOHN A. Karnes County
02-150399 MCFADDIN, A. M. Victoria County
02-174677 MCFADDIN, J. A. -A- Victoria County
02-190412 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-267054 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-283880 MCFADDIN-A Victoria County
03-01296 KENDALL Harris County
03-01299 PIZZITOLA UNIT Harris County
03-01301 STONE Harris County
03-100307 TOMBALL GU 2 Harris County
03-11339 EXXON-BECK FEE Harris County
03-11882 PEVETO Orange County
03-119255 BAKER, W. W. Harris County
03-12284 BROCKMAN Wharton County
03-126017 TOMBALL GU 1 Harris County
03-12782 VINEYARD Wharton County
03-14055 ARCO-WITHEY Orange County
03-154630 TOMBALL GAS UNIT #2 Harris County
03-173480 TOMBALL GU 2 Harris County
03-19994 TOMBALL OUTLOT OIL UNIT -A- Harris County
03-20988 MATHEWS Harris County
03-21100 MATTHEWS #6 Harris County
03-22345 DRILLING DISTRICT #22 Harris County
03-23095 TOMBALL OUTLOT OIL UNIT Harris County
03-24894 BROCKMAN "A" Wharton County
08-00681 COLEMAN, LUCY M. Mitchell County
08-01347 BROWN-ALTMAN Winkler County
08-019746 BROWN-ALTMAN UNIT Winkler County
08-07716 BROWN ALTMAN Winkler County
08-08466 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -F- Howard County
08-08569 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -A- Howard County
08-08802 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -C- Howard County
08-08858 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -D- Howard County
08-16850 TEXAS -MMM- Andrews County
08-17349 EMMA ELLEN CONS. Andrews County
08-183533 BROWN-ALTMAN UNIT Winkler County
08-20188 STATE -AR- Andrews County
08-20437 STATE -FI- Andrews County
08-21159 TRIPLE-N /GRAYBURG/ CONS. Andrews County
08-23553 STATE "BM" Andrews County
08-23672 COLEMAN RANCH UNIT Mitchell County
08-25360 BOYKIN -B- Mitchell County
08-27156 STATE -FI- Andrews County
08-27184 WALDRON, S. Howard County
08-27503 HOMAN, EUNICE Howard County
08-27813 HOMAN, EUNICE Howard County
08-27928 COLEMAN, LUCY M. F Mitchell County
08-29152 STATE -FY- Andrews County
08-31757 GUITAR ESTATE -B- Howard County
08-31933 GUITAR, JOHN Howard County
08-34406 COLEMAN, P.C. "A" Mitchell County
08-35851 STATE -FV- Andrews County
08-36334 STATE FI Andrews County
08-36529 VINDICATOR Howard County
08-37683 FW CONSOLIDATED #4 Andrews County
08-38646 STATE FV Andrews County
08-38734 STATE FK Andrews County
08-41490 STATE -FY- Andrews County
09-239462 MCDANIEL RANCH FARIS UNIT Erath County
09-248670 RIVERSIDE RANCH, L.P. - 2 Hamilton County
09-248676 RIVERSIDE RANCH, L.P. Hamilton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Americo Energy Resources, LLC