Aminex USA, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Aminex USA, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Aminex USA, Inc.
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P O BOX 130

Leases Operated by Aminex USA, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01611 CARUTHERS, TEX Atascosa County
01-01614 FEDERAL ROYALTY CO., ETAL -B- Bexar County
01-01616 FOWLER, B. K. Atascosa County
01-01617 FOWLER, B. K. -B- Atascosa County
01-01618 FOWLER, B. K., ETAL -C- Atascosa County
01-01619 FOWLER, B. K., ETAL -D- Atascosa County
01-01627 JAMES, L. M. Bexar County
01-01628 JAMES, MARY L. ETAL Bexar County
01-01638 PUTMAN, P. W., ETAL Atascosa County
01-02011 EASTWOOD, E. -B- Bexar County
01-02549 ADAMS, CLARA Bexar County
01-02697 JAMES, WM. Bexar County
01-02824 KENNEY, ALBERT & JOHN Bexar County
01-03113 ERNST, KATIE L. Bexar County
01-03191 LA GRANGE, ETHEL W. Bexar County
01-03197 HOFFMAN, HERMAN Bexar County
01-03251 MALVEN, CHAS. W. Bexar County
01-03340 THORNE, LULA O., EST Bexar County
01-03365 GERHARDT, HAIDEE Atascosa County
01-05716 FOWLER, FLOYD J. Bexar County
01-05862 WOOD, MAE LUE Atascosa County
01-05953 STEVENS, R. W. Atascosa County
01-05976 LITTLE, JESSE Atascosa County
01-05994 FOREST OAK Atascosa County
01-06318 BRISCOE, JOE E. Atascosa County
01-06418 COOPER UNIT Atascosa County
01-06473 GUTIERREZ, INEZ Atascosa County
01-06610 CRUZ, LEO Atascosa County
01-07438 GUTIERREZ, FELIPE Atascosa County
01-07543 BARNES, P.H. Atascosa County
01-07611 JOB, ALFRED Atascosa County
01-07664 EASH, RICHARD L. Bexar County
01-08813 TORRES, A. Bexar County
01-09212 ILFREY & WILKERSON -B- Atascosa County
01-09282 SAWYER, N.C. Bexar County
01-10322 HOOKER, H. Bexar County
01-10656 BUSH, E.M. -A- Atascosa County
01-10774 ROBERTSON, HARRY Bexar County
01-10779 FARRAN Atascosa County
01-10831 BRANDT, HERBERT C. Atascosa County
01-10833 BAILEY, E.N. Atascosa County
01-10834 BREAZEALE, J.L. Atascosa County
01-10841 BREAZEALE, SEEKER Bexar County
01-10856 NICHOLS, LUCY Atascosa County
01-10857 FOWLER, IMA Atascosa County
01-10858 MIRELES, JESUS Atascosa County
01-10860 BUSH, ED. Atascosa County
01-10867 PILGRIM, FLOYD Bexar County
01-10868 HOFFMAN, ADOLPH Bexar County
01-10869 MALVERN, CHARLES Bexar County
01-10941 CLINE -D- Bexar County
01-10946 WILLIAMS, MINNIE E. Bexar County
01-10967 AVANT -C- Bexar County
01-10968 AVANT -D- Bexar County
01-10970 BARKER -A- Bexar County
01-10974 BENNETT Bexar County
01-11001 GORDEN S. -A- Bexar County
01-11045 RICKS -B- Atascosa County
01-11046 RICKS -C- Atascosa County
01-11047 ROCHA Atascosa County
01-11048 ROCHA -D- Atascosa County
01-11068 WINN Bexar County
01-11144 WRIGHT, EMILY Bexar County
01-11151 O.C. FEE Bexar County
01-11152 GRIFFITH -B- Bexar County
01-11153 PICKENS, O.C. Atascosa County
01-11155 KERR, L. A. Bexar County
01-11208 BAILEY, JAMES M. Atascosa County
01-11211 WIEMERS, C.T. -A- Atascosa County
01-11290 HOOD, LLOYD E. Bexar County
01-11362 BRISCOE -B- Atascosa County
01-11365 WEBB-A- Atascosa County
01-11415 HENDES-KRAUSE Bexar County
01-11422 HUBBARD, WILLA-HARBO "1985" Bexar County
01-11429 KORUS OMEGA Bexar County
01-11448 GAYLE OMEGA "1985" Bexar County
01-11494 BRISCOE -A- Atascosa County
01-11554 FORREST OAKS -B- Atascosa County
01-11627 KOEHLER, J SOUTH Bexar County
01-11697 BOLDT TRACT -A- Bexar County

Drilling Permits Filed by Aminex USA, Inc.