Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
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HOUSTON, TX 77251-1330

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Leases Operated by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-12200 MCDERMOND, F. Jefferson County
05-166005 CAMP COOLEY Robertson County
05-170391 RAND-PAULSON RILEY TRUST Robertson County
05-222978 JONES, ABE "A" Freestone County
08-02130 LAREN Ector County
08-02902 DAVIS, J. W. -B- Howard County
08-02905 DODGE, GRANVILLE M., EST. Howard County
08-06197 SNYDER, SUSIE B. Howard County
08-06213 SNYDER, B. S. -A- Howard County
08-06219 SNYDER, B. S. -C- Howard County
08-08419 WATSON, W. W. Mitchell County
08-11966 CUMMINS, H. E. -C- Ector County
08-12239 CUMMINS -B- Ector County
08-138856 TREES ESTATE Reeves County
08-15046 UNIVERSITY BLK.9 /WOLFCAMP/ UNIT Andrews County
08-15504 SEALY & SMITH UNIT Winkler County
08-16075 SEALY & SMITH UNIT Winkler County
08-16940 NORTH FOSTER UNIT Ector County
08-20487 TXL NORTH UNIT Ector County
08-20726 TXL SOUTH UNIT Ector County
08-21178 BARNSLEY UNIT Crane County
08-214540 GILLS 7 Loving County
08-228826 UNIVERSITY 20-19 Loving County
08-230795 GILLS 6 Loving County
08-23379 FISHER, NOLA UNIT Andrews County
08-234033 APC 29-1 Loving County
08-235273 BLACKTIP JOHNSON GAS UNIT 1-44 Loving County
08-239286 DK BOYD 75-14 GAS UNIT Loving County
08-244116 ANDERSON 11 Loving County
08-244691 HUGHES & TALBOT 75-26 Loving County
08-252984 APC 28-10 Loving County
08-255799 APC 28-5 Loving County
08-265228 ANDERSON 2 Loving County
08-265248 BLACKTIP STATE A UNIT Loving County
08-266024 SEVENGILLS 55-1-25 Loving County
08-267625 SEVENGILLS 54-1-31 Loving County
08-267626 SEVENGILLS 54-1-31 Loving County
08-34636 PARKS, ROY -B- TG Ector County
08-35910 CUMMINS, H. E. -A- Ector County
08-39856 BLACKTIP JOHNSON 1-39 Ward County
08-40729 APC FEE 1-40 Loving County
08-40751 JOHNSON RANCH 1-49 Loving County
08-40778 MONROE 34-178 Ward County
08-41231 APC FEE 1-50 UNIT Loving County
08-41452 MONROE 34-158 UNIT Ward County
08-41507 EAST VERMEJO 33-66 Ward County
08-41553 WIGGO 34-177 Ward County
08-41569 MAKO STATE 2-32 Reeves County
08-41817 COOPERSMITH 34-139 Ward County
08-41866 FIELDER STATE 2-10 Loving County
08-41954 ASHLOCK 1-34 Loving County
08-42108 BLACKTIP UNIVERSITY 19-26 Loving County
08-42356 MONROE 34-221 UNIT Ward County
08-42445 WILSON 34-159 Ward County
08-42447 BAGWELL C27-1 Loving County
08-42460 APC FEE 1-38 UNIT Ward County
08-42464 WHEAT TRUST 1-36 Ward County
08-42474 CROCKETT 1-35 UNIT 2 Loving County
08-42521 DAVIS 34-169 B UNIT Ward County
08-42568 RAYMORE 1-46 UNIT Loving County
08-42760 MDJ C27-1 Loving County
7C-06725 KETCHUM MT. (CLEAR FORK) UNIT Irion County
8A-05625 STERLING, W. R. Scurry County
8A-05627 VAN NORMAN Scurry County
8A-05907 BOYD Cochran County
8A-09043 BYRD-FROST Scurry County
8A-09213 MINOR, MATTIE Scurry County
8A-10556 FALLS, W. T. Scurry County
8A-11246 MCCLURE, R. O. Scurry County
8A-13382 STERLING, J. M. ET AL Scurry County
8A-17292 MCCLURE, R. O. "B" Scurry County
8A-60219 LEVELLAND "C" Hockley County
8A-60349 STERLING Scurry County
8A-61614 LEVELLAND Hockley County
8A-62738 BYRD-FROST "A" Scurry County
8A-67508 FORBES UNIT Crosby County
8A-67509 FORBES UNIT Crosby County
8A-68164 BOYD, R. W. Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation