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Wells Operated By Arcadia Operating, LLC
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DALLAS, TX 75219

(214) 446-1502

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Leases Operated by Arcadia Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-196959 REMMERS (DEEP) DeWitt County
02-197946 REMMERS (DEEP) DeWitt County
02-205831 REMMERS (DEEP) DeWitt County
02-209487 REMMERS (DEEP) GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-274887 REMMERS (DEEP) DeWitt County
03-048189 PIERCE EST. OIL & GAS INTS. Matagorda County
03-09684 KIRBY LUMBER CO. Polk County
03-162282 BERRY UNIT Montgomery County
03-174378 WICKIZER UNIT Montgomery County
03-181480 RUNNELLS GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-185951 BLACK STONE D Polk County
03-189268 RUNNELLS GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-197643 POOLE Brazoria County
03-197874 POOLE Brazoria County
03-199229 OGLETREE San Jacinto County
03-199230 HOOD San Jacinto County
03-201102 RUNNELLS GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-203096 KIRBY FOREST INDUSTRIES "C" Polk County
03-204356 OGLETREE San Jacinto County
03-206881 ALLAR San Jacinto County
03-208298 TERRY-POESSEL GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-211961 ALLAR San Jacinto County
03-212146 SANRAY San Jacinto County
03-21323 SANTA FE B-2 Polk County
03-218919 HOOD San Jacinto County
03-24578 IRON MOUNTAIN A Polk County
03-24617 POOLE Brazoria County
03-24624 BLACK STONE K Polk County
03-24753 ROBERTS/DUKE Liberty County
03-247837 PHS GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-250669 CANNON San Jacinto County
03-250690 SANRAY San Jacinto County
03-250896 NUTT San Jacinto County
03-25238 IRON MOUNTAIN "D" Polk County
03-25341 HARDER Polk County
03-253410 RUNNELLS GAS UNIT 1 Matagorda County
03-25357 SOUTHLAND Polk County
03-25409 BLACK STONE -E- Polk County
03-25410 SOUTHLAND Polk County
03-25412 GOLDEN UNIT San Jacinto County
03-25558 FINCH Polk County
03-25610 BP MERCY SEAT Tyler County
03-25707 COPELAND CREEK Polk County
03-25811 COPELAND CREEK Polk County
03-25843 KNIGHT Polk County
03-25912 COPELAND CREEK Polk County
03-25913 COPELAND CREEK Polk County
03-259908 ALLAR DEEP San Jacinto County
03-25996 COPELAND CREEK Polk County
03-26282 FINCH Polk County
03-26451 JACKSON Polk County
03-26554 CARROLL-BSMC Polk County
03-27329 JACKSON EAST Polk County
03-27349 MILL CREEK Polk County
03-27353 WATERHOLE CREEK UNIT Polk County
03-27402 LONGSTREET UNIT Polk County
03-27432 KIRBY LUMBER CO. Polk County
03-27434 R2D2 UNIT Polk County
03-27497 LONGFELLOW UNIT Polk County
03-27675 OGLETREE San Jacinto County
03-280820 NEBLETTS CREEK San Jacinto County
03-280822 OGLETREE San Jacinto County
03-285859 OGLETREE San Jacinto County
06-01606 DAVIS, PAT "H" Franklin County
06-01633 FLANAGAN, A. V. Titus County
06-01635 HARPER, R. H. & L. Franklin County
06-01640 BLALOCK, A. J. Titus County
06-01642 COKER, M. D. Titus County
06-01643 DAVIS, PAT Titus County
06-01644 HARGROVE FEE Titus County
06-01649 WILSON, L. H. Titus County
06-01737 PRINCE & NORMAN Franklin County
06-03886 CARR, C. M. Titus County
06-05330 CECIL, MARY Titus County
06-05929 BARGER, J. H. Titus County
06-10491 HAGANSPORT UNIT Franklin County
06-11705 DUNCAN Titus County
06-11766 FORD, W.A. Titus County
06-14284 COKER-MORRIS Titus County
06-15129 VAUGHT Titus County

Drilling Permits Filed by Arcadia Operating, LLC