Arcadia Refining Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Arcadia Refining Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Arcadia Refining Co.
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Leases Operated by Arcadia Refining Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-066434 GANNON Goliad County
06-01021 DAILEY HEIRS Houston County
06-016730 DUBLIN GAS UNIT 1-A Cherokee County
06-016731 DUBLIN GAS UNIT #1-B Cherokee County
06-016732 DUBLINS GAS UNIT 1-C Cherokee County
06-016733 SMITH, TOL GAS UNIT #1 Cherokee County
06-01805 AVANT CAMPBELL Anderson County
06-029481 AVIS-DELANEY Panola County
06-037543 KERSH, ELLA MAE Panola County
06-04290 PARRISH, J. P. Titus County
06-05115 WALTERS, EMMA Houston County
06-071411 HUFF, G.J. Rusk County
06-073692 MARKEY-BOLES Rusk County
06-077083 BRIDGES, TERRY Rusk County
06-083101 MARKEY-BOLES Rusk County
06-083941 BRIDGES, TERRY Rusk County
06-088161 BRIDGES, TERRY UNIT Rusk County
06-095985 ESTES, SYBIL YORK ET AL Rusk County
06-099706 QUALE, JANIE P. ET AL UNIT Harrison County
06-10032 BABB Smith County
06-10073 WHISENANT, H.L. Smith County
06-10083 LLOYD, J.W. ESTATE Smith County
06-10114 LLOYD, J. W. EST. UNIT Smith County
06-10147 KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRE CO. Smith County
06-10192 SMITH, A. B. Smith County
06-10281 TOMLIN, ROBERT HENRY Smith County
06-10346 COOPER, A.F. ET AL UNIT Rusk County
06-10368 C. E. LLOYD UNIT Rusk County
06-10384 BRIDGES, TERRY UNIT Rusk County
06-10593 DEW, H.E. UNIT Smith County
06-10724 HEY, A. M. Smith County
06-10756 SYBIL YORK ESTES ET AL Rusk County
06-10782 GREEN-PINNELL Rusk County
06-10801 NULL, BILLY R. Smith County
06-10949 CITY OF TYLER Smith County
06-11455 CITY OF TYLER Smith County
06-11539 DAILEY HEIRS Houston County
09-021443 LEWIS, HOLLIS Jack County
09-03706 SMITH, M. L. Jack County
09-06186 LAKE-PERKINS Wichita County
09-06600 SHIVE, H. C. Wilbarger County
09-06744 ANCELL, GEO. B. JR. -A- Wilbarger County
09-17148 WADE, H. H. Wichita County
09-24223 PARKER-BOONE Wichita County
09-24316 PERRYMAN Baylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by Arcadia Refining Co.