Aspect Energy, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Aspect Energy, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Aspect Energy, LLC
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DENVER, CO 80203

Leases Operated by Aspect Energy, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-106431 BOX, RICHARD A. Williamson County
03-123864 ORANGE CO. DEV. CO INC. Orange County
03-182033 MAUBOULES HEIRS Chambers County
03-182114 BYRNE-GIESE Fort Bend County
03-198078 CAIN Chambers County
03-199641 STRUNK Brazoria County
03-200919 GANN Brazoria County
03-203057 WHITE RIVER Orange County
03-205703 ARMOUR Matagorda County
03-211395 MEDEGUARI Chambers County
03-211452 TROY Chambers County
03-212152 MUNSON, GEORGE Brazoria County
03-213571 CRAWFORD Brazoria County
03-214806 STRUNK A Brazoria County
03-217298 KAHLA Chambers County
03-217821 FIELDER Jefferson County
03-21850 OCDC "UC" Orange County
03-226427 GRIFFITH Brazoria County
03-227591 HANNAH-CLARE Brazoria County
03-228414 BANNEYER Brazoria County
03-243665 PETKOVSEK, LOLIA O. ET AL Jefferson County
03-24486 VALDEZ Brazoria County
03-24738 CLEMENT UNIT ST Chambers County
03-24867 BINTLIFF PROPERTIES Brazoria County
03-25044 FIELDER Jefferson County
03-280803 AE MARJORIE BAILEY Fort Bend County
05-254432 GREER, ROBERT ET AL McLennan County
09-230668 DALTON - MILLER Parker County
09-230980 STRAIN Parker County
09-231572 VINEWOOD Johnson County
09-231799 BAIRD Johnson County
09-232824 KLONDIKE RANCH Johnson County
09-232825 KLONDIKE RANCH Johnson County
09-233026 BLAYLOCK Hood County
09-233469 FLOYD Parker County
09-234460 CRAWFORD-EDWARDS Parker County
09-236188 KLONDIKE RANCH Johnson County
09-236332 GRAVES Johnson County
09-237341 BEERLING Tarrant County
09-237358 WILSON CREEK Tarrant County
09-237369 DALTON - MILLER Parker County
09-237565 MINT CREEK Tarrant County
09-238332 PORTER Hood County
09-238792 FINLEY Tarrant County
09-240182 DENNIS-GERIK Hill County
09-240482 MINT CREEK UNIT Tarrant County
09-241123 PORTER Hood County
09-241125 PORTER Hood County
09-245582 CRAWFORD-EDWARDS Parker County
09-247239 GERIK TRUST Hill County
09-247314 DOTSON Johnson County
09-247547 DOS WILD HARE UNIT Tarrant County
7B-104224 PORTER GAS UNIT Hood County
7B-110259 DOSS Hood County
7B-111488 BROWDER Hood County
7B-125618 DOSS Hood County
7B-137840 DOSS Hood County
7B-139473 DOSS Hood County
7B-151701 PORTER GAS UNIT Hood County
7B-159966 PORTER GAS UNIT Hood County
7B-160155 DOSS Hood County
7B-161594 EVERIDGE, J. L. Hood County
7B-161621 DOSS Hood County
7B-163441 UMPHRESS Hood County
8A-66281 DEAN, J. H. Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by Aspect Energy, LLC