Atoka Operating, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Atoka Operating, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Atoka Operating, Inc.
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16200 ADDISON RD STE 155

(972) 407-0058

Leases Operated by Atoka Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-180223 BEDGOOD Goliad County
03-188361 TREYBIG-NAISER Wharton County
03-192041 TREYBIG Wharton County
05-03286 DAVIDSON, J. L. HEIRS Navarro County
05-03419 SOUTH KERENS UNIT Navarro County
06-14426 EAST WRIGHT MOUNTAIN Gregg County
06-218734 SABINE RIVER Upshur County
06-219202 CHOUT Upshur County
06-229775 MCBETH Upshur County
08-281382 LUCKY "13" Sterling County
08-41805 INDIAN MESA Pecos County
09-115871 HAUN UNIT Grayson County
09-124388 DURHAM "C" Jack County
09-128214 DURHAM "C" Jack County
09-14971 KINGSBURY, W. F. Montague County
09-15267 SNUGGS Cooke County
09-164357 HAMILTON Jack County
09-165986 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-165990 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-168895 CLARK Montague County
09-172156 CAROLYN Grayson County
09-17402 MCADEN, E. W. Grayson County
09-174179 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-17575 BEALL, FOY Grayson County
09-17810 MCADEN, E. W. Grayson County
09-186296 LOWRANCE UNIT Jack County
09-187397 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-190401 HICKMAN - JONES UNIT Montague County
09-19102 SNUGGS, STEVEN F. Cooke County
09-19352 SNUGGS, STEVEN, A C GREEN Cooke County
09-19425 GREEN, A. C. Cooke County
09-199510 PURSLEY Jack County
09-19979 GOLDSTOM, M. A. Grayson County
09-207337 HUTTON, CHARLES Jack County
09-243219 IRBY Grayson County
09-256480 IRBY Grayson County
09-256742 GRAY UNIT Grayson County
09-265385 HAZLIP Grayson County
09-267692 KINCY Grayson County
09-26897 DURHAM A-3 Jack County
09-286118 BROWN Grayson County
09-28774 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-288512 HUDGINS TRUST Grayson County
09-288529 MAYO Grayson County
09-29127 COLLUMS, H. Cooke County
09-29141 WINGER-ODOM Cooke County
09-29283 CLARK Montague County
09-29429 KINCY Grayson County
09-29474 CLARK Montague County
09-29548 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-29593 HUDGINS, JOHN Grayson County
09-29796 HICKMAN Montague County
09-29877 HICKMAN UNIT Montague County
09-30087 IRONS-HICKMAN UNIT Montague County
09-30186 GOOCH Cooke County
09-30258 BRYAN Grayson County
09-30309 GOSSETT-LENGYEL UNIT Clay County
09-30360 NEWSOM Grayson County
09-30432 RUDDELL H-2 Grayson County
09-30434 GGH Grayson County
09-30707 GOSSETT-MOORE Montague County
09-30989 WATERS Grayson County
09-31093 HUDGINS Grayson County
09-31119 CRENSHAW, TERRY Grayson County
09-31355 MURRELL, MARARET Cooke County
09-31443 IRBY Grayson County
09-31630 IRBY Grayson County
09-31704 CHAPMAN Montague County
09-31901 BROOKS Grayson County
09-32166 HOUSE Archer County
09-32302 BROWN Grayson County
09-32390 SHORT Grayson County
09-32673 HUDGINS TRUST Grayson County
09-32711 SPF Cooke County
09-32718 HUNT Grayson County
09-32811 SS-COLEMAN Clay County
09-33613 BLOXHAM DEEP Knox County
09-33815 HAZLIP Grayson County
7B-211852 MCCARTY Parker County
7B-211989 MCCLENDON, ALMA Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Atoka Operating, Inc.