Aurora Resources Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Aurora Resources Corporation
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Leases Operated by Aurora Resources Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07367 ZAVISCH -751- McMullen County
01-11876 LARK NORTH McMullen County
01-126711 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-15011 ARC-LARK McMullen County
01-15064 TYLER RANCH McMullen County
01-15075 JMAK McMullen County
01-15189 HOSKINS UNIT McMullen County
01-15498 TYLER RANCH EFS McMullen County
01-15536 TEAL RANCH EFS McMullen County
01-16335 HOSKINS EFS McMullen County
01-16338 PEELER EFS McMullen County
01-16373 PEELER McMullen County
01-16381 IRVIN FAMILY UNIT D La Salle County
01-17887 WHEELER OL McMullen County
01-181493 PEELER McMullen County
01-18311 HOSKINS McMullen County
01-257603 TYLER RANCH McMullen County
02-06397 POGUE Bee County
02-06431 POGUE "A" Bee County
02-066728 ANGERSTEIN, EDWIN F. DeWitt County
02-06712 LANDER, O. M. UNIT Victoria County
02-06943 LANDER, O. M. NCT-1 Victoria County
02-07020 FOWLER-JONES Victoria County
02-077167 JONES, F. E. Victoria County
02-07995 CRABTREE Victoria County
02-08028 CRABTREE Victoria County
02-08210 JONES, F.E. Victoria County
02-08234 JONES, F.E. Victoria County
02-08452 CRABTREE, JERRY W. Victoria County
02-09258 L. M. DIEMER Victoria County
02-09429 NOLAN RYAN Live Oak County
02-096498 COURS TRACT #2 Bee County
02-102064 ARTHUR RICHTER GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-10602 L.M. DIEMER Victoria County
02-10695 ARC - THOMSON - BARROW Bee County
02-107517 WELDER JOHN J. Bee County
02-10825 CHAPA Live Oak County
02-108299 WELDER, JOHN J. Bee County
02-11082 GEFFERT Live Oak County
02-112174 O. M. LANDER UNIT Victoria County
02-112178 O. M. LANDER UNIT Victoria County
02-11290 ARC THOMSON-BARROW Bee County
02-142816 O.M. LANDER UNIT Victoria County
02-220963 RYAN, NOLAN Live Oak County
02-221961 MULLINS, T. Lavaca County
02-223792 RYAN, NOLAN Live Oak County
02-223841 RYAN, NOLAN Live Oak County
02-228777 FRIEDRICH GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-229659 ARC - THOMSON - BARROW RANCH Refugio County
02-229827 ARC - THOMSON - BARROW Bee County
02-229861 ARC - THOMSON - BARROW RANCH Bee County
02-230383 SCHROEDER GAS UNIT Goliad County
02-233953 NOLAN RYAN Live Oak County
02-234231 HEARD HEIRS Refugio County
02-269578 SCHERER Jackson County
02-275527 SCHERER Jackson County
02-280559 ARC THOMSON-BARROW Bee County
02-284815 ENGLISH-WITTENBURG UNIT Jackson County
03-091250 MCCLANAHAN Colorado County
03-10477 HURTA Fort Bend County
03-20536 GRAY, W.L. Fort Bend County
03-20803 HURTA Fort Bend County
03-221417 HEB GU Matagorda County
03-227295 BUTLER GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-232646 OWEN Wharton County
04-00635 DINN -A- Duval County
04-010913 BENTSEN Starr County
04-01232 CONWAY "20-A" Duval County
04-03170 ROSEMARY Duval County
04-06424 DONEY, L.C. San Patricio County
04-07568 HOFFMAN -B- Duval County
04-08437 HOFFMAN -K- Duval County
04-12795 ARNOLD, M. M. Jim Wells County
04-13728 LOPEZ Duval County
04-13803 DINN MINERAL TRUST Duval County
04-13909 GARCIA OIL UNIT Duval County
04-13966 GRUY A Duval County
04-14006 GRUY B Duval County
04-145336 ARNOLD, M. M. Jim Wells County
04-147428 ARNOLD, M. M. Jim Wells County

Drilling Permits Filed by Aurora Resources Corporation