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Leases Operated by Austral Oil Company Incorporated

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-03521 HINDS, FLOYD -A- Caldwell County
01-04646 HINDS, F.C -A- Caldwell County
01-06285 HINDS, F.C.-B- Caldwell County
01-06350 HINDS, F.C.-D- Caldwell County
01-06366 HINDS, F.C. "C" Caldwell County
01-06679 KIMBALL, R.B. -B- Caldwell County
01-06967 HINDS, F.C. -G- Caldwell County
01-06996 HINDS, F.C. -E- Caldwell County
01-07447 TILLER, MILDRED Caldwell County
01-07633 TILLER, MILDRED-D- Caldwell County
01-07983 HARDEMAN, J. W. Caldwell County
01-08090 CALDWELL, T.J. Bastrop County
01-08451 GARCIA Guadalupe County
01-08552 ELLISON Caldwell County
01-08788 GRAHAM-ELKINS Caldwell County
01-08792 GARWOOD, ROBERT P. Caldwell County
01-08800 GARCIA -B- Guadalupe County
01-09431 ECKOLS Gonzales County
01-10279 GARCIA, JAMES V. Guadalupe County
01-10348 WALKER -A- Caldwell County
01-13424 FINK Gonzales County
02-001467 HINNANT, ROY -A- Live Oak County
02-04163 STATE 6633 Calhoun County
02-04164 STATE 6633 Calhoun County
02-041668 STATE /6633/ Calhoun County
03-042535 A S /6731/ Hardin County
03-05924 CAMPBELL Tyler County
03-05992 DANIELL, A. P., UNIT #2 Jefferson County
03-10085 CAMPBELL, I. J. Tyler County
03-10642 CAMPBELL Tyler County
03-109216 BLANCHETTE Liberty County
03-12133 COFFIELD B-11 LEASE (T-470) Burleson County
03-146162 SINCLAIR ATLANTIC Jasper County
03-156788 BEAN-DONNER Orange County
03-17593 CHAMPION-ARCO UNIT Jasper County
03-20561 SINGLETON, R.P. ET AL Orange County
03-21900 MCVEY, L.B. Madison County
03-23280 DANIELL-QUINN Jefferson County
03-24154 ODUM FEE Liberty County
03-24170 RAKE, ED Jefferson County
04-072153 WALTON W. W. Nueces County
04-07732 MCLANE, G. B. San Patricio County
04-168182 MANGEL Brooks County
04-175693 MANGEL Brooks County
06-109627 GREER, T. A. Panola County
08-04812 CONNELL, W. E., "B" Ector County
08-04813 CONNELL, W. E. "A" Ector County
08-13045 CONNELL, W. E. Ector County
08-13117 PERRY, FRANK A. Pecos County
08-13404 PERRY, FRANK A. "C" Pecos County
08-13851 PERRY, W. A., -A- Pecos County
08-13873 WHITE, G. R. Pecos County
08-14792 PERRRY, FRANK A. -B- Pecos County
08-17953 MABEE, J. E. Martin County
08-32825 JONES, GRACE Martin County
7B-119328 MILLS, J. J. "B" Palo Pinto County
7B-143031 MILLS, J. J. Palo Pinto County
7B-25621 HORNE Coleman County
7C-07358 BROOKSHIER, R. G. Runnels County
7C-077430 HOFFMAN, ANNIE Runnels County
7C-11201 MARTIN, CHARLIE Runnels County
7C-115807 MARTIN, CARLIS Runnels County
7C-12864 HOFFMAN, J.L. Runnels County
7C-13432 TICKLE Concho County
7C-13858 MEADOWS RANCH Crockett County
7C-146614 DIVIDE Crockett County
8A-19365 MORRIS, B. Dawson County
8A-19653 KEMP, W. L. Dawson County
8A-60045 STREIT, MARTHA Dawson County
8A-60445 SWENSON Dickens County
8A-60485 HOOPER, ET AL Dickens County
8A-60519 HOOPER "A" Dickens County
8A-60520 EDWARDS Dickens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Austral Oil Company Incorporated