B And G Production, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By B And G Production, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by B And G Production, Inc.
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Leases Operated by B And G Production, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-30148 PAYNE Hardeman County
10-02153 PEERY Lipscomb County
10-021761 TEARE, J. W., ET AL, UNIT Lipscomb County
10-02984 WRIGHT, M. R. Ochiltree County
10-02985 TEARE Lipscomb County
10-03097 MITCHELL Lipscomb County
10-03135 WRIGHT, M. R., UNIT Ochiltree County
10-03367 ARNSTEIN Lipscomb County
10-03472 HELFENBEIN, CLARENCE Lipscomb County
10-03639 HODGES, MINNIE E. Roberts County
10-040528 PAINE Lipscomb County
10-04094 JACKSON, ROYAL Hansford County
10-04321 JACKSON-EVANS UNIT Hansford County
10-04427 PHILLIPS, G. W. Lipscomb County
10-04600 RAY Wheeler County
10-048267 TRAVIS Lipscomb County
10-05119 BECHTHOLD Lipscomb County
10-051698 HOOVER Ochiltree County
10-05501 LOESCH, FRED Lipscomb County
10-055196 MEKEEL Ochiltree County
10-055593 HART Hansford County
10-05568 HOCKING "B" Ochiltree County
10-05594 PHILLIPS, C.T. Lipscomb County
10-06181 MINIUM, L. C. Lipscomb County
10-06253 MCKAYE -110- Lipscomb County
10-06301 JOHNSON, LOIS 1170 Lipscomb County
10-06302 KIOWA -1169- Lipscomb County
10-06334 KIOWA -1169-2- Lipscomb County
10-06345 PARKER "F" Lipscomb County
10-06643 LOESCH-KIOWA Lipscomb County
10-06725 BOMHOFF "D" Ochiltree County
10-070304 HILL Hansford County
10-071380 CLINE Hansford County
10-07181 RIO RICKS UPPER MORROW UNIT Ochiltree County
10-07271 MATHERS Hemphill County
10-07358 WRIGHT, M.R. Ochiltree County
10-080436 FUENTES, JOE R. Sherman County
10-083011 BORN Lipscomb County
10-084241 BORN -C- Lipscomb County
10-084534 STUDER, J. C. Hemphill County
10-085398 HALBROOK-DAILY UNIT Lipscomb County
10-086743 GREEN Sherman County
10-090606 THORNE Hemphill County
10-09125 BUSCHMAN A Hansford County
10-091900 CAMPBELL RANCH Roberts County
10-09281 BUSCHMAN Hansford County
10-09321 FRIAR Hansford County
10-096403 CAMPBELL RANCH Roberts County
10-096982 HARDIN Hemphill County
10-097680 MURRAY, MAUDE Hemphill County
10-098074 BECHTOLD Lipscomb County
10-099498 SHUTTERLY Lipscomb County
10-106451 SANTA FE Ochiltree County
10-108736 THORESON, DONNIE L. Hansford County
10-112795 WEINETT, HAZEL Lipscomb County
10-121243 STATE OF TEXAS Hemphill County
10-122000 FLOWERS, LOIS Hemphill County
10-122324 JOHNSON, LOIS -1170- Lipscomb County
10-125367 MOUNSEY Lipscomb County
10-135935 BILLINGSLEY Hansford County
10-139574 WEINETTE Lipscomb County
10-143452 SPARKS Hansford County
10-146579 OLA Lipscomb County
10-147350 WARD Hansford County
10-149203 HODGES Roberts County
10-161662 HIX WILBANKS ESTATE Hansford County
10-166387 EDEN Hemphill County
10-168225 LAUBHAN, MERLIN Lipscomb County
10-172356 WRIGHT, M.R. Ochiltree County
10-172357 WRIGHT, M.R. Ochiltree County
10-172358 WRIGHT, M.R. Ochiltree County
10-172570 WRIGHT, M.R. Ochiltree County
10-173529 ALEXANDER Hansford County
10-211063 BLACKSTONE 31 Hansford County
10-225751 PATRIOT SWD Ochiltree County
10-235865 BRAVEHEART Lipscomb County
10-239041 RONALD REAGAN SWD Ochiltree County
10-241687 ELLIS 17 Hansford County
10-247197 VENNEMAN 42 Hansford County
7B-03520 SHOTWELL, W. F. Shackelford County

Drilling Permits Filed by B And G Production, Inc.