Ballard Exploration Company,Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ballard Exploration Company,Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Ballard Exploration Company,Inc.
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HOUSTON, TX 77002-6602

(713) 651-0181

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Leases Operated by Ballard Exploration Company,Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-269437 UNDERWOOD ESTATE Lavaca County
03-128377 ARCO FEE -G- Tyler County
03-130116 ARCO FEE -K- Hardin County
03-131009 CROCKETT, MAE Jasper County
03-133807 ARCO FEE -G- Tyler County
03-138675 HALL'S BAYOU RANCH-ORYX Galveston County
03-138719 CAMPBELL, EUGENIA ET AL Galveston County
03-147817 THE BEAUMONT COMPANY, LTD. Orange County
03-149960 QUINN, B. E. Orange County
03-163503 CHINA TOWNSITE UNIT Jefferson County
03-171232 CHANNELVIEW TOWNSITE "B" Harris County
03-172851 CASEY HEIRS Chambers County
03-173477 CHANNELVIEW TOWNSITE "C" Harris County
03-17395 ARCO FEE Jasper County
03-174462 CASEY HEIRS Chambers County
03-176366 HOLBROOK Liberty County
03-177328 CHANNELVIEW TOWNSITE "E" Harris County
03-178943 FINA OIL & CHEMICAL COMPANY Orange County
03-18835 ARCO FEE Jasper County
03-192683 HOUSTON SHIP CHANNEL UNIT Harris County
03-20466 ARCO FEE G Tyler County
03-208692 TEMPLE INLAND "A" Liberty County
03-212211 TEXACO FEE "B" Liberty County
03-212221 HOUSTON ARTS ENDOWMENT Liberty County
03-212436 STATE LURA MIRE Liberty County
03-213831 ABSHIER Liberty County
03-214097 SORREL Wharton County
03-221506 AGRO-DYNAMICS Liberty County
03-221514 B. A. M. LAND COMPANY Jefferson County
03-221521 WALTER COMPANY "D" Jefferson County
03-222830 KERR-MCGEE Liberty County
03-223078 MCCORD Harris County
03-230527 BEAVERS Jefferson County
03-231762 RDH FARMS Liberty County
03-233770 TURNER-BOGAN Jefferson County
03-234163 HOUSTON SHIP CHANNEL UNIT -A- Harris County
03-235086 OSAGE Harris County
03-245827 JOHNSON FOUNDATION Wharton County
03-246229 STATE TRACT 29 Jefferson County
03-246612 BEAVERS 'A' Jefferson County
03-247019 JONES BOWER Jefferson County
03-247083 BROUSSARD-HEBERT C Jefferson County
03-247518 SHIRLEY GAY Liberty County
03-247845 MCCORD Harris County
03-247874 REIN TRUST Harris County
03-255232 STATE LEASE 108750 Harris County
03-255651 GULF TERRACE 'B' Jefferson County
03-257094 MCFADDIN Jefferson County
03-257971 GULF TERRACE 'C' Jefferson County
03-258200 POPP Wharton County
03-258272 DEUSSEN ESTATE Harris County
03-258813 TYRRELL-COMBEST Jefferson County
03-259671 STATE TRACT 29 Jefferson County
03-259758 MCCOMB Montgomery County
03-262026 STATE LEASE 108878 Harris County
03-262652 STONE 'B' Liberty County
03-263245 TYRRELL-COMBEST 'A' Jefferson County
03-265023 GARDEN VILLAS Jefferson County
03-265250 KEYSTONE Montgomery County
03-269162 STATE TRACT 29 Jefferson County
03-27261 FEDEX Harris County
03-273644 HUTCHINS-KELLEY Matagorda County
03-274922 LEGER Jefferson County
03-275342 HEIGHTS, AMELIA Jefferson County
03-276081 PIERCE ESTATE 'C' Matagorda County
03-276143 TYRRELL-COMBEST B Jefferson County
03-276611 LADD Liberty County
03-276943 GULF TERRACE 'B' Jefferson County
03-278319 LEVIGNE Liberty County
03-279573 HOEGEMEYER A Colorado County
03-280172 LURA MIRE 'A' Liberty County
03-280619 MOORE'S BLUFF 'A' Liberty County
03-280636 MOORE'S BLUFF Liberty County
03-283527 VALLET Fort Bend County
04-13300 BENNETT, BETSY "B" Brooks County
04-13307 BETSY BENNETT "D" Brooks County
05-107918 NETTLE, CHARLES D. Freestone County
05-107919 NETTLE, CHARLES D. Freestone County
05-108812 TEXAS POWER & LIGHT COMPANY Henderson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ballard Exploration Company,Inc.