Baxter, Kelly H. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Baxter, Kelly H.
Map of Wells Operated by Baxter, Kelly H.
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Leases Operated by Baxter, Kelly H.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04925 MCKINNEY -B- Frio County
01-05013 WEST COAST FARMS Frio County
01-05057 NEAL -A- Frio County
01-05095 NEWSON, WILLIS Frio County
01-05104 CULPEPPER, CURTIS L. Frio County
01-05126 RITCHIE, H. G. JR. Frio County
01-05229 NEWSOM, WILLIS -A- Frio County
01-05238 RITCHIE, H. G. JR. -A- La Salle County
01-05308 BAKER, LACY Frio County
01-05387 HARVEY, R. E. Gonzales County
01-06086 JOHNSTON, JAMES Frio County
01-113359 DECLEENE Zavala County
01-115152 DECLEENE Zavala County
01-11906 WILSON, J.T. La Salle County
01-12101 WELLS, J.B. JR. Gonzales County
01-12250 ALLEN Wilson County
01-12348 CAG-LANG #1 Zavala County
01-12387 179-1-H-LITTLE Dimmit County
01-12426 CAG-BONNIE Zavala County
01-12484 CARTER, D.J. Frio County
01-12569 CAG-LANG-16-3 Zavala County
01-12802 MILLER-DRINKARD Dimmit County
02-06475 HANDY, K.L. Karnes County
02-06770 MEYER, G. C. Victoria County
02-088809 BUCKERT -A- Victoria County
02-091822 FARBER-GERDES UNIT Victoria County
02-098050 MEYERS, G. C. Victoria County
02-100244 BUCKERT UNIT Victoria County
02-122527 HORNBURG Victoria County
03-00268 BORDAGES, C. P. Jefferson County
03-00276 FRENCH IMPROVEMENT CO. UNIT #1 Jefferson County
03-00278 FULLER, E. T. UNIT Jefferson County
03-04485 KIRBY OIL & GAS FEE Brazoria County
03-122831 STANOLIND-MITCHELL Jefferson County
03-13188 JOHNSTON, JAMES J. Burleson County
03-13476 DUNNAM, T. R. ET UX UNIT Burleson County
03-13782 KELLY, JOE ET AL UNIT Fayette County
03-14267 BISHOP Brazoria County
03-14807 WASHBURN-TIETJEN UNIT Burleson County
03-17650 GERKE, E. A. Brazos County
03-18248 MEEKER SYNDICATE LOT 11 Hardin County
03-18710 GULF FEE LOT 7 Hardin County
03-18777 EXXON CRAIG FEE Hardin County
04-01541 HAHL, C. W., CO. Duval County
05-02197 THOMAS, H. H. Hunt County
05-02968 BAKER-THOMAS UNIT Hunt County
08-101899 VASTAR 75 Pecos County
08-104796 PRICE "2" Pecos County
08-105475 VASTAR 75 Pecos County
08-111146 CABEEN Pecos County
08-115464 UNIVERSITY "C" Pecos County
08-117425 CLAPP, RAY Winkler County
08-11846 COWDEN, E. F. -1- Ector County
08-12352 RUDMAN, ROSE Winkler County
08-13093 COWDEN, E. F. -12- Ector County
08-16031 GENERAL CRUDE Ector County
08-21600 JO ANN Crane County
08-25266 WILKINSON Howard County
08-25496 HATCH Howard County
7B-017327 BERRYMAN, A. R. Coleman County
7B-08010 HUTCHENS Haskell County
7B-08143 MATHIS Haskell County
7B-08550 TANKERSLEY, E. H. Haskell County
7B-124267 HOWARD "A" Nolan County
7B-15657 ORSBORN Taylor County
7B-16570 RUSSELL, C.L. Taylor County
7B-16590 ORSBORN "A" Taylor County
7B-16935 CHAPMAN "A" Jones County
7B-16962 CHAPMAN Jones County
7B-19103 HILL, MELVIN R. Haskell County
7C-126729 ALLEN, R. D. ESTATE Tom Green County
8A-13971 FROST "E" Cochran County
8A-61138 CROTON CREEK, S (TANNEHILL) UNIT Dickens County
8A-61778 DEAN RANCH 15 Dawson County
8A-62217 BREWSTER Lamb County
8A-63261 FERGUSON, WESLEY Crosby County
8A-63493 SOUTHLAND ROYALTY Gaines County
8A-65545 GULF "13" Lamb County
8A-65924 BENNETT Garza County
8A-66004 PERRYMAN Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Baxter, Kelly H.