Baylor Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Baylor Operating, LLC
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Leases Operated by Baylor Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07047 OCKER, D.A. & R.L Wilson County
01-075507 MAVERICK COUNTY WATER BOARD Maverick County
01-075783 MAVERICK COUNTY Maverick County
01-075785 MAVERICK COUNTY Maverick County
01-07602 OCKER D.A. & R.L. Wilson County
01-076702 TURNEY-WINN EXPLORATION CO., INC Maverick County
01-079021 TURNEY-WINN EXPLORATION CO., INC Maverick County
01-080425 TURNER-WINN EXPLORATION CO., INC Maverick County
01-111684 COOPER, J. L. Maverick County
01-12878 SCHRAER UNIT Wilson County
01-13153 PENA Wilson County
01-147923 CPL Maverick County
01-15080 YANCY Atascosa County
01-15162 YANCY B Atascosa County
01-15163 YANCY A Atascosa County
01-15208 NEUMANN Frio County
01-16081 NADEN UNIT Atascosa County
01-16181 WILSON Atascosa County
01-171076 LEDDY Maverick County
02-06420 WELDER D Calhoun County
02-07893 COOK, J. G. Calhoun County
02-07904 WELDER, MRS. E.H. 'B' Calhoun County
02-08264 WELDER, E.H. MRS Calhoun County
02-08266 WELDER, E.H. MRS. Calhoun County
02-08333 WELDER "A" Calhoun County
02-084814 WELDER, P. H. -A- Calhoun County
02-08495 WELDER, P. H. "B" Calhoun County
02-08575 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-08582 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-08840 WELDER, P. H. "B" Calhoun County
02-090355 WELDER, E. H. MRS. Calhoun County
02-090361 WELDER, P. H. -A- Calhoun County
02-090363 WELDER, P. H. -A- Calhoun County
02-141138 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-141533 WELDER, MRS. E.H. Calhoun County
02-143119 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-144064 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-147783 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-172562 WELDER "A" Calhoun County
02-172865 WELDER "A" Calhoun County
02-181634 WELDER, P. H. "B" Calhoun County
02-216683 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
04-13471 MATULA 1R San Patricio County
08-02898 DAVIS, J. P. HEIRS -B- Howard County
08-02899 JONES, PERCY -A- Howard County
08-02900 LANE, ROWENA Howard County
08-079728 STATE Reeves County
08-17052 MITCHELL -B- FEE Mitchell County
08-17788 MCKENNEY, T. L. -C- Mitchell County
08-19404 EPPENAUER Crane County
08-20128 EPPENAUER, A. R. -A- Crane County
08-20206 EPPENAUER Crane County
08-20443 MOSELY, J. M. Crane County
08-20450 MCKENNEY, T. L. -D- Mitchell County
08-20586 SHELL-MOSELEY Crane County
08-20596 HARRIS, W. F. Crane County
08-20601 EPPENAUER -A- Crane County
08-20796 EPPENAUER -15- Crane County
08-20867 EPPENAUER 15-B Crane County
08-21002 FAULKNER Crane County
08-21152 THOMPSON, RUTH N. Pecos County
08-213207 CAPPS FARMS Midland County
08-42162 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS 42 Andrews County
08-42366 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS 8 Andrews County
7C-12042 UNIVERSITY -22A- Upton County
7C-124719 KING RANCH OIL & LIGNITE CO. Upton County
7C-12598 LANE, JOHN Upton County
7C-12762 LANE, J. F. -A- ACT. #2 Upton County
7C-12838 UNIVERSITY -22A- Upton County
7C-132963 LANE, J.F. -A- A/C 2 Upton County
7C-134337 LANE, J. F. -A- A/C 1 Upton County
7C-14508 LANE, JOHN "1" Upton County
7C-14528 LANE, JOHN #2 BPO Upton County
7C-17742 UNIVERSITY REAGAN 27 Reagan County
7C-17804 UNIVERSITY CROCKETT 6 Crockett County
7C-17866 UNIVERSITY CROCKETT 21 Crockett County
7C-17880 UNIVERSITY REAGAN 4 Reagan County
7C-18833 DAVIS, L. Upton County
7C-282906 UNIVERSITY SCHLEICHER 21 Schleicher County
8A-62077 SESSAU Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Baylor Operating, LLC