Bayou Operating Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bayou Operating Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Bayou Operating Company, Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 5766
ABILENE, TX 79608-5766

(325) 795-9449

Leases Operated by Bayou Operating Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-064539 VOORHIES MAURINE Brown County
7B-065750 RINGHOFFER A. H. Brown County
7B-090645 BATES Brown County
7B-090714 BATES Brown County
7B-093090 BATES Brown County
7B-093614 RANKIN-BATES Brown County
7B-100312 WILLIAMS, G. W. Brown County
7B-100313 WILLIAMS, G. W. Brown County
7B-100314 HORTON, R. A. Brown County
7B-102347 RANKIN, RAY Brown County
7B-109800 RIDDLE TRACT 2 Eastland County
7B-111479 JOHNSON, EVA Callahan County
7B-112783 RIDDLE TRACT 3 Eastland County
7B-113519 COTTLE Shackelford County
7B-113950 RIDDLE TRACT 5 Eastland County
7B-115328 MORGAN Eastland County
7B-115498 WILLIAMS,G.W. Brown County
7B-116076 TUNSTILL Callahan County
7B-11653 MAIN HATCHETT RANCH Callahan County
7B-116807 COTTLE Shackelford County
7B-117807 STEWART Brown County
7B-118119 STEWART Brown County
7B-119627 RIDDLE TRACT 1 Eastland County
7B-126494 BROWN,T. Eastland County
7B-127013 SRC-ALLEN Brown County
7B-127014 SRC-GARMS LEATHERWOOD Brown County
7B-127332 COTTLE Shackelford County
7B-129045 RIDDLE TRACT 6 Eastland County
7B-12958 RINGHOFFER, A.H. Brown County
7B-13013 WOODS, MAUDIE Brown County
7B-130755 SRC-GARMS /LEATHERWOOD "A" Brown County
7B-130756 SRC-STOVER Brown County
7B-143801 CAMP & PARKS Brown County
7B-14435 HATCHETT NORTH "B" Callahan County
7B-15426 BLAIR, LOLA LEE Brown County
7B-15721 CAUTHEN, J.D. Callahan County
7B-16291 GUNN, D.B. Brown County
7B-16292 GUNN, D.B. "A" Brown County
7B-16392 MCGILL, EARL Comanche County
7B-16558 HILL, LOLA Brown County
7B-16598 SULLIVAN, BEN Brown County
7B-17057 MATSON, P.I. Brown County
7B-17129 BATES Brown County
7B-17534 GUNN, D.B. "A" Brown County
7B-175444 RIDDLE TRACT 7 Eastland County
7B-175784 BROWN, W. D. Eastland County
7B-18231 PURCELL, LAWRENCE "A" Callahan County
7B-18550 PUCKETT, RAMON Callahan County
7B-18730 PUCKETT, RAMON Callahan County
7B-19081 RANKIN, RAY Brown County
7B-19209 SRC-ALLEN "B" Brown County
7B-19211 SRC-ALLEN "A" Brown County
7B-193343 RIDDLE TRACT 6 Eastland County
7B-19335 CAUTHEN, J. D. ET UX Callahan County
7B-19690 SRC-GARMS/LEATHERWOOD "A" Brown County
7B-20257 MAY Brown County
7B-20982 SRC-ALLEN "C" Brown County
7B-21619 GRIGGS, R. L. Callahan County
7B-22073 GUNN, D.B. Brown County
7B-22511 GOLIGHTLY "A" Nolan County
7B-22798 SRC-ALLEN "B" Brown County
7B-23132 BOYSEN Brown County
7B-23197 STEWART Brown County
7B-23267 GROVES UNIT Brown County
7B-237113 RINGHOFFER, A. H. Brown County
7B-237123 WRIGHT, BESS L. Brown County
7B-261144 SRC-ALLEN "B" Brown County
7B-261304 SRC-GARMS/LEATHERWOOD "A" Brown County
7B-261491 SRC-GARMS/LEATHERWOOD "A" Brown County
7B-262054 SRC-STOVER Brown County
7B-262282 SRC-GARMS/LEATHERWOOD "A" Brown County
7B-26899 WAGSTAFF, JOHN Taylor County
7B-26974 WOODS, MAUDIE Brown County
7B-269745 K. BROWN 'A' Eastland County
7B-269971 K. BROWN Eastland County
7B-27070 WOODS, MAUDIE "C" Brown County
7B-27383 CAUTHEN, J. D. Callahan County
7B-28078 RIDDLE TRACT 6 Eastland County
7B-281551 K. BROWN 'A' Eastland County
7B-30917 K. BROWN Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bayou Operating Company, Inc.