Beaird, R.A. Oil Operating Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Beaird, R.A. Oil Operating Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Beaird, R.A. Oil Operating Co.
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Company Name:

MERKEL, TX 79536

(325) 928-5220

Leases Operated by Beaird, R.A. Oil Operating Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-02401 ARNETT, W. M. Jones County
7B-07717 TYE, S. W., UNIT Taylor County
7B-08249 HANKINS, E. -B- Taylor County
7B-102854 LITTLE, TEOLA Jones County
7B-13245 GAMBLE, W.D. Taylor County
7B-16402 PRICE, P. Taylor County
7B-19838 TOWNSEND, JOHN Taylor County
7B-20681 RAINWATER, W. T. Jones County
7B-209247 LITTLE, TEOLA Jones County
7B-21537 TOWNSEND "A" Taylor County
7B-21750 TOOMBS ESTATE, W. B. Taylor County
7B-22199 TOWNSEND "C" Taylor County
7B-22200 BAZE Taylor County
7B-22386 DUNCAN, NANCY Jones County
7B-22489 TIPTON ESTATE "B" Taylor County
7B-22514 HUDDLESTON Taylor County
7B-22935 HOGAN Eastland County
7B-22976 HUDDLESTON Taylor County
7B-22977 PRICE Taylor County
7B-22978 CURB Taylor County
7B-23028 PALMER Taylor County
7B-23955 HOGAN Taylor County
7B-24357 CARTER, FRANK Jones County
7B-24946 MOORE Taylor County
7B-25044 WHITE, J. V. Jones County
7B-25765 PENCE, ROBERT Jones County
7B-25856 WILKINSON, C.W. Jones County
7B-26265 HANKINS, E. -A- Taylor County
7B-26636 CHEATHAM HEIRS Taylor County
7B-27930 JAMES Jones County
7B-28312 LITTLE, TEOLA Jones County
7B-29474 BARTLETT Jones County
7B-29509 RAINWATER, W. T. Jones County
7B-29959 WALKER Jones County
7B-30246 WALKER LOT 9 Jones County
7B-30247 WALKER LOT 10 Jones County
7B-31347 HESTER Taylor County
7B-31840 PROCTOR Taylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by Beaird, R.A. Oil Operating Co.