Bedrock Production, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bedrock Production, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Bedrock Production, LLC
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(281) 899-8747

Leases Operated by Bedrock Production, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-227072 B. B. & PAULINE UNIT Wise County
09-239007 SKINNER, JOE Wise County
09-243486 GOFORTH C Parker County
09-243898 COLE TRUST TWO Denton County
09-245248 ROBERTS Wise County
09-252536 ROBSON RANCH Denton County
09-253148 MERCER RANCH Tarrant County
09-254850 NOBLES UNIT Wise County
09-255466 STEPHENS B UNIT Wise County
09-259521 COX GAS UNIT Wise County
09-259581 ROBSON RANCH Denton County
09-260995 ROBSON RANCH Denton County
09-262553 D. PENNINGTON COOP UNIT Wise County
09-262864 PYRAMID ACRES UNIT 6-BRYANT SA Tarrant County
09-263688 WILBORN UNIT Wise County
09-263690 COLE TRUST STONY Denton County
09-264919 HAND UNIT Wise County
09-265707 EDWARDS-BEGGS (SA) Parker County
09-265896 M.T. COLE S.A. Denton County
09-266068 CZEWSKI A UNIT Wise County
09-267805 CZEWSKI B UNIT Wise County
09-270405 BROWN Parker County
09-270581 CRYSTELLE WAGGONER Wise County
09-270586 SANDFORD GAS UNIT Wise County
09-270721 CRYSTELLE WAGGONER Wise County
09-272695 ROCKY CREEK RANCH EAST Tarrant County
09-273293 CLOWER UNIT Montague County
09-274117 ODOM Hood County
09-274391 ROCKY CREEK RANCH EAST Tarrant County
09-274392 ROCKY CREEK RANCH EAST Tarrant County
09-274661 UNION CENTRAL (SA) Denton County
09-275119 UNION CENTRAL-CONDEE WELCH (SA) Denton County
09-275400 PYRAMID ACRES UNIT 1 (SA) Tarrant County
09-275525 M.T. COLE - BJ BARNETT (SA) Denton County
09-275952 PYRAMID ACRES UNIT 1 (SA) Tarrant County
09-275953 PYRAMID ACRES UNIT 1 (SA) Tarrant County
09-276534 BONDS RANCH (SA) Tarrant County
09-276870 MOORE GAS UNIT Wise County
09-277067 BAKER-RANCH ESTATES (SA) Denton County
09-277069 COLE B (SA) Denton County
09-277089 CHAPEL CREEK UNIT Tarrant County
09-277090 CHAPEL CREEK Tarrant County
09-277092 HALL (SA) Denton County
09-277096 CHPL CR- CHPL CR UT #5- CHP CR A Tarrant County
09-277103 HALL (SA) Denton County
09-277746 HAMM UNIT Wise County
09-277747 HAMM UNIT Wise County
09-277787 HALL-GLOSSER (AW) Denton County
09-277803 STEPHENS B UNIT (AW) Wise County
09-277819 HALL-GLOSSER (AW) Denton County
09-277855 M.T. COLE (AW) Denton County
09-277857 HAMM UNIT Wise County
09-277865 MOORE GAS UNIT Wise County
09-277868 STEPHENS B UNIT (AW) Wise County
09-278011 HAMM UNIT Wise County
09-278077 BAKER-RANCH ESTATES (SA) Denton County
09-278079 BAKER-RANCH ESTATES (SA) Denton County
09-278248 M.T. COLE (AW) Denton County
09-278675 BAKER-RANCH ESTATES (SA) Denton County
09-278833 M.T. COLE Denton County
09-282108 JANECKA (SA) Wise County
09-282583 JANECKA (AW) Wise County
09-283450 COX (AW) Wise County
09-283492 COX (AW) Wise County
09-283836 NCLE-BJ BARNETT (AW) Wise County
09-283837 M.T. COLE-NCLE (AW) Wise County
09-283896 COX (AW) Wise County
09-284373 ELLIOTT-HAND UNIT Wise County
09-284377 ELLIOTT-HAND UNIT Wise County
09-284556 ELLIOTT-HAND UNIT Wise County
09-284918 ENIS-HOWARD (AW) Wise County
09-284919 ENIS-HOWARD (AW) Wise County
09-284923 ENIS-HOWARD (AW) Wise County
09-285070 SPRINGER-DINGER (AW) Wise County
09-285096 ENIS (AW) Wise County
09-285104 SPRINGER-DINGER (AW) Wise County
09-285105 SPRINGER-DINGER (AW) Wise County
09-285359 NOBLES UNIT Wise County
09-285451 NOBLES UNIT Wise County
09-285491 SPRINGER-DINGER (AW) Wise County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bedrock Production, LLC