Bettis, Boyle & Stovall Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bettis, Boyle & Stovall
Map of Wells Operated by Bettis, Boyle & Stovall
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PO BOX 1240
GRAHAM, TX 76450

(940) 549-0780

National Activity for Bettis, Boyle & Stovall

Leases Operated by Bettis, Boyle & Stovall

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-172840 STEWART Edwards County
01-175143 EPPERSON Edwards County
01-176805 EPPERSON "47" Edwards County
01-178534 STEWART Edwards County
01-185797 MCKNIGHT POOLED UNIT Edwards County
01-212068 EPPERSON Edwards County
03-03920 MERCHANT ESTATE Hardin County
04-160510 GUTIERREZ, E. Zapata County
08-05568 UNIVERSITY -B- Andrews County
08-06854 TXL Reeves County
08-17256 FASKEN, DAVID, -AU- Andrews County
08-18714 WILLIAMSON, JESSIE MAE -A- Ector County
08-20782 MCDANIEL, -16- Mitchell County
08-22388 BLAKE, MARIA Reeves County
08-22619 FASKEN -72- Midland County
08-22698 JUUL, HENRIETTA C. Pecos County
08-25076 CONOCO-BARNSLEY Crane County
08-26087 JONES Crane County
08-26671 FASKEN, DAVID -BL- Andrews County
08-27355 FASKEN, DAVID -BK- Ector County
08-27835 FASKEN, DAVID -BV- Ector County
08-30053 GULF ESTES Crane County
08-32278 MARALO -24- Andrews County
08-33290 BOLES 25 Andrews County
08-33877 BIG RED Howard County
08-34606 GARDEN CITY Glasscock County
08-36685 UNIVERSITY "J" Crane County
09-021378 GRIFFIN, E. L. Young County
09-057063 WILLIAMS Jack County
09-061657 WALKER Jack County
09-061732 NASH "575" Jack County
09-063421 FERGUSON Jack County
09-065224 RAINES-BROWN Jack County
09-072191 CRAFT "276" Jack County
09-085120 GREEN AMOT Jack County
09-12523 GAUSS Young County
09-145703 WO-MAC Young County
09-18017 WOLFE Jack County
09-185334 FERGUSON Jack County
09-19070 ANDERSON 461 Jack County
09-21389 MCCRACKEN Young County
09-21724 RICHARDS Jack County
09-22957 FERGUSON III, SEARCY M. TRUST Hardeman County
09-24652 HERRING, O. M. Haskell County
09-25441 COVINGTON Grayson County
09-25993 HODGE Young County
09-29221 KREEGER UNIT Archer County
09-29361 HERTEL Knox County
09-29837 SHEPARD Young County
09-30652 CATO Hardeman County
09-31159 STEPP 110 Hardeman County
09-31495 GOSE Young County
7B-02905 RIGGS, D. S. Nolan County
7B-04660 JONES, J. H. F. Jones County
7B-05609 MATCHETT, PAUL Fisher County
7B-05626 TAYLOR Fisher County
7B-067382 CLAYTON Palo Pinto County
7B-088820 WAGLEY, E.F."C" Palo Pinto County
7B-176807 SET RANCH "A" Palo Pinto County
7B-28649 WILLINGHAM "A" Fisher County
7B-28726 AKERS Fisher County
7B-28790 WILLINGHAM "B" Fisher County
7B-29491 MATHIEWS Throckmorton County
7B-29757 TEAFF-HESTER UNIT Taylor County
7C-042794 BAILEY, J. R. D Crockett County
7C-05009 TIPPETT, J. H. 40 Crockett County
7C-05394 TIPPETT, J. H., -40- Crockett County
7C-085618 HOOVER ESTATE "A" Crockett County
7C-14936 BURNS-WATKINS UNIT Runnels County
7C-15566 MALLET "85" Irion County
7C-205129 SCOTTISH RITE Reagan County
7C-211833 SCOTTISH RITE "127" Reagan County
8A-12396 SLAUGHTER Borden County
8A-13259 CONNELL, ARLENE Garza County
8A-13260 CONNELL, ARLENE Garza County
8A-18637 WALLACE, BILBY ACCT. 1 Kent County
8A-18639 WALLACE, BILBY ET AL Kent County
8A-60752 TRI-RUE /REEF/ UNIT Scurry County
8A-61043 BAIN Gaines County
8A-66138 SWENSON Cottle County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bettis, Boyle & Stovall