Big Run Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Big Run Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Big Run Production Company
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318 W RUSK
TYLER, TX 75701

(903) 595-2990

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Leases Operated by Big Run Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-098540 WOOD, HARPER Waller County
03-09951 FLORES -B- Jasper County
03-10497 ARCO-CUSHING #1 Tyler County
03-11024 ARCO-PARKER ET AL Tyler County
03-11329 ARCO-CUSHING Tyler County
03-189733 LAURA-NICHOLE Brazos County
05-038361 BALL, P. D. C. EST. Freestone County
05-273060 BALL, P. D. C. EST. Freestone County
06-01488 CHEW, W. D. -A- Cass County
06-01497 BIBBY Cass County
06-016621 WILLIS, R. P. Cass County
06-016629 BOST-WICK UNIT Cass County
06-016637 WILLIS, S. B. Cass County
06-01897 SMITH-LINDSEY UNIT Harrison County
06-02375 RUDD, W. L. Harrison County
06-029648 BIGGS Panola County
06-029651 WERNER, LOUISE Panola County
06-029652 WERNER-CARAWAY Panola County
06-029653 WERNER-NEEDHAM Panola County
06-029676 JONES, ROSA Panola County
06-038389 HAYNES, R. W. UNIT Harrison County
06-038929 ROBERTS GU Harrison County
06-039444 COOK, MAGGIE Harrison County
06-049429 BURTON #1 GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-05536 NELLO MAE-BLANCHE OIL UNIT Panola County
06-05581 COX, R. Panola County
06-05592 YOUNG Panola County
06-05598 HOPKINS Panola County
06-05616 DUDLEY Panola County
06-056230 BURKS, C. C. Rusk County
06-056321 REEVES, I & B Panola County
06-05635 DANIEL Panola County
06-05685 BOOKOUT,ANITA Harrison County
06-076016 DEAN, NED Panola County
06-088892 MORRIS, WALTER Rusk County
06-097486 HANCOCK Panola County
06-10290 HEDGE, IMOGENE Rusk County
06-10633 WILLIS, S.B. Cass County
06-10674 TWOMEY, J.T. Panola County
06-107599 JIMMERSON, HENRY Rusk County
06-107669 JIMMERSON, ROSS Rusk County
06-10952 RIVES, J. B. JR. Rusk County
06-11231 LITTLE, V. H. Rusk County
06-113777 CITIZENS 1ST NATIONAL BANK, TR. Cherokee County
06-11459 BERGSON, ELLA Harrison County
06-115044 FUTRELL Harrison County
06-11520 CITIZENS 1ST NATIONAL BANK TR. Cherokee County
06-116000 GASTON Smith County
06-11624 BAUGHMAN, M. A. Rusk County
06-117006 CHILDERS, ELMER Rusk County
06-126297 KANGERGA, MICHAEL Rusk County
06-128786 TYSON Cass County
06-129290 JONES, JULIAN Rusk County
06-14598 BAUGHMAN, M. A. Rusk County
06-14676 KANGERGA, MICHAEL Rusk County
06-15079 CHILDERS, ELMER Rusk County
06-151117 STILES Cass County
06-154468 FLANAGAN Panola County
06-158670 TWOMEY, J. T. Panola County
06-186405 BLALOCK Harrison County
06-216609 EAST GAS UNIT Panola County
06-216610 WEST GAS UNIT Panola County
06-216912 WALTON, SALLIE Smith County
06-222632 PARKER ESTATE Panola County
09-00105 ANARENE -B- Archer County
09-00107 LOGAN, W. J. Archer County
09-05446 JONES-PAYNE /JONES LIME/ Wichita County
09-12100 LOGAN ESTATE Archer County
09-19289 NORWOOD "A" Wichita County
09-20645 ODELL Young County
09-22376 PARKER, L. C. Wichita County
09-22377 WADE, H.H. Wichita County
09-22580 BOONE, T.R. Wichita County
09-23084 O'DELL -A- Young County
09-23915 O'DELL Young County
09-24330 HAYES Young County
10-03807 HOLTORF "A" Moore County
10-131658 HOLTORF Moore County

Drilling Permits Filed by Big Run Production Company