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Leases Operated by Blackbeard Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-03218 WALTON, J. B. Winkler County
08-03264 STATE WALTON -E- Winkler County
08-03286 STATE-WALTON A/C 2 Winkler County
08-03287 WALTON, J. B. A/C 2 Winkler County
08-03317 BASHARA, J. M. Winkler County
08-03320 PERKINS, J. J. -B- UPPER Winkler County
08-129968 WALTON, J. B. Winkler County
08-131342 STATE WALTON Winkler County
08-132004 WALTON, J. B. Winkler County
08-151063 STATE WALTON Winkler County
08-152785 BASHARA, M.J. UNIT Winkler County
08-159640 STATE-WALTON "E" Winkler County
08-177879 STATE-WALTON "E" Winkler County
08-178577 STATE-WALTON "E" Winkler County
08-20417 BLOCK 9 UNIT Andrews County
08-23120 WADDELL Winkler County
08-25313 HOGG, FAY HUNTER Winkler County
08-26371 BURCHARD Mitchell County
08-26509 EDWARDS Ward County
08-26628 KEYSTONE CATTLE COMPANY Winkler County
08-27106 KEYSTONE CATTLE COMPANY Winkler County
08-27510 BURCHARD -B- Mitchell County
08-27541 BURCHARD "D" Mitchell County
08-32907 MCCAMEY, G. B. "A" (NCT-B) Crane County
08-33674 CROLEY Crane County
08-34235 HOGG, F. H. Winkler County
08-35405 CROLEY ESTATE Crane County
08-39805 ROADRUNNER 1 Crane County
08-40713 WINTER Ward County
08-42684 GRAHAM Ward County
08-43007 EAST KEYSTONE(SAN A HOLT UNIT) Winkler County
08-43408 DAVID L. MARSTON Ward County
08-44073 ALLAR-MARSTON Ward County
08-45314 RAYDEN MCCAMEY Crane County
08-45832 MARSTON-KOEHN Ward County
08-45881 LAWRENCE Ward County
08-46148 DABB Ward County
08-46977 BASHARA-PROTHRO Winkler County
08-46979 BASHARA, J. M. Winkler County
08-46985 EAST KEYSTONE (SAN A HOLT UNIT) Winkler County
08-47993 EDWARD TEACH Ward County
08-48101 MAN OF WAR Ward County
08-48135 QUEEN ANNES REVENGE Ward County
08-48160 SWASHBUCKLER SE Ward County
08-48221 BLACK BART Crane County
08-48336 EDWARD TEACH SE Ward County
08-48393 LANDLUBBER Crane County
08-48675 WALK THE PLANK Winkler County
08-48737 SWASHBUCKLER Ward County
08-48999 LANDLUBBER Crane County
08-49056 MITCHELL, C. Winkler County
08-49089 PIRATE U 13-13 Andrews County
08-49301 MAROONER Winkler County
08-49353 FRANCIS DRAKE Winkler County
08-49375 EDWARD TEACH SW Ward County
08-49425 6 POUNDER NE Crane County
08-49467 JEAN LAFITTE SE Crane County
08-49490 SEALY & SMITH FOUNDATION -A- Winkler County
08-49561 HORNSWOGGLE Winkler County
08-49976 STATE-WALTON 'E' Winkler County
08-50028 SEALY-SMITH FOUNDATION "B" Winkler County
08-50130 COMMANDEER Winkler County
08-50423 FRANCIS DRAKE N Winkler County
08-50748 LANDLUBBER N Crane County
08-51099 SEALY & SMITH FOUNDATION -A- Winkler County
08-51157 JEAN LAFITTE NE Crane County
08-51202 CAPTAIN MORGAN Winkler County
08-51222 YELLOW JACK NWSW Crane County
08-51231 CLEW BAY S Crane County
08-51255 LANDLUBBER NE Crane County
08-51267 YELLOW JACK SENW Crane County
08-51271 YELLOW JACK E2SW Crane County
08-51310 LANDLUBBER Crane County
08-51373 6 POUNDER NWNE Crane County
08-51440 YELLOW JACK E2SW Crane County
08-51505 6 POUNDER SE Crane County
08-51511 6 POUNDER NW Crane County
08-51558 6 POUNDER SW Crane County
08-51749 MAN OF WAR W Ward County
7C-18954 DEAD MAN CANYON Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by Blackbeard Operating, LLC