Blue Ridge Resources, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Blue Ridge Resources, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Blue Ridge Resources, LLC
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Leases Operated by Blue Ridge Resources, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-33663 CARPENTER Howard County
08-34389 GUITAR 1 Howard County
08-34487 HILL Martin County
08-34934 ARNOLD FARMS LANGE Glasscock County
08-35987 WOLCOTT B Martin County
08-37505 QUINN Howard County
08-39555 QUINN 35 Howard County
08-39762 NESTE TXL Glasscock County
08-47309 GUITAR 7 Howard County
7B-073325 SHELTON SCHOOL HOUSE Brown County
7B-07979 STEPHENS, JACK M. Brown County
7B-080010 GEORGE, LARRY Brown County
7B-080890 LARRY, GEORGE Brown County
7B-084762 LARRY, GEORGE Brown County
7B-087693 SEWARD Brown County
7B-091634 GEORGE, LARRY Brown County
7B-09470 NORTH SAYLES UNIT Jones County
7B-135878 MCNABB Brown County
7B-14609 GAMBLIN Eastland County
7B-158082 THRIFTY Brown County
7B-16256 JAMK Coleman County
7B-17380 VINSON TRACT "3" Taylor County
7B-17426 VINSON TRACT "1" Taylor County
7B-17828 VINSON TRACT 2 Taylor County
7B-18398 COX Eastland County
7B-18474 TARVER Eastland County
7B-18485 TARVER, DELBERT Eastland County
7B-18556 MIDKIFF Eastland County
7B-18593 ELLIOTT, KATHRYN Eastland County
7B-18721 MAXWELL Eastland County
7B-18722 MCCALL Eastland County
7B-18794 JOHNSON Eastland County
7B-19699 VINSON '17' Taylor County
7B-24490 LOVELL UNIT Jones County
7B-249989 FITZGERALD Brown County
7B-249990 FITZGERALD Brown County
7B-249991 FITZGERALD Brown County
7B-249992 FITZGERALD Brown County
7B-26437 SIKES Brown County
7B-26660 ZACK Brown County
7B-26950 JUSTICE, W.J. Coleman County
7B-27510 SAYLES -D- Jones County
7C-03091 JOHNSON -B- Coke County
7C-03195 JOHNSON "A" Coke County
7C-06290 JOHNSON Coke County
7C-10900 JOHNSON "C" Sterling County
8A-00531 POTTS Garza County
8A-13246 GOOD, JEFF. "2" Borden County
8A-62962 NOLTE, F. R. Lynn County
8A-63053 DUPREE Dawson County
8A-63345 AMO, WANDA G. Terry County
8A-63516 NOLTE, F. R. Lynn County
8A-63591 TREADAWAY Terry County
8A-63653 TREADAWAY UNIT Terry County
8A-63726 FUTRELL Dawson County
8A-63782 TREADAWAY "A" Terry County
8A-63809 BERKLEY "12" Dawson County
8A-63897 EARNEST "A" Terry County
8A-63974 TREADAWAY UNIT #2 Terry County
8A-64064 LUMSDEN, WILMA Lynn County
8A-64517 DUPREE "A" Dawson County
8A-64802 READ, VERNA Dawson County
8A-65364 COOPER Dawson County
8A-66194 WALDEN, C. J. Yoakum County
8A-66491 ODC "273" Gaines County
8A-67778 MCGINTY 2 Yoakum County
8A-67893 SPRADLING Terry County
8A-68040 DIXIE RANCH Lynn County
8A-68299 CLAY, WM. JR. FOUNDATION Dawson County
8A-68422 SPARKS Gaines County
8A-68548 ERNESTINE Yoakum County
8A-68697 CALHOUN, T. Dawson County
8A-68777 BLOCK Z UNIT Cochran County
8A-68874 COURAGEOUS Yoakum County
8A-69005 CALHOUN, T. Dawson County
8A-69299 LANGFORD 419 Yoakum County
8A-69422 DAKOTA A Terry County
8A-69466 WALKER OIL UNIT "C" Cochran County
8A-69527 WEAVER Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Blue Ridge Resources, LLC