Bommer Engineering Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bommer Engineering Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Bommer Engineering Co.
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Leases Operated by Bommer Engineering Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06590 PENAK, C. Wilson County
01-06747 COBB, KATHRYN Atascosa County
01-07013 HINES UNIT Gonzales County
01-07266 RUDDOCK VAC. SERV. INC. -B- Gonzales County
01-07338 RUDDOCK, RAE Gonzales County
01-07968 JURGAJTIS Wilson County
01-097980 SMITH, MARY CAROL Atascosa County
01-10635 HENRY Dimmit County
01-12077 SPIECKERMANN, ALMA Gonzales County
01-14281 KASPAR Gonzales County
01-166411 SMITH, M. C. Atascosa County
02-002258 CLARK, TOM Karnes County
02-003552 YANTA ET AL Karnes County
02-02793 MOCZYGEMBA, J. V. Karnes County
02-02850 POLLOK, CHARLIE Karnes County
02-02851 KOPECKI, E. B., 2 Karnes County
02-02893 SWIENTEK, J. B. Karnes County
02-02901 LABUS, T. Karnes County
02-03280 BOYD, F. W. Karnes County
02-03281 PERSON, OTHA D. Karnes County
02-03283 YANTA, LOUISE Karnes County
02-03284 YANTA, TOM Karnes County
02-03295 PAWELEK, BEN A. Karnes County
02-03297 PERSON GAS PLANT SWD Karnes County
02-03306 KRUSE UNIT Karnes County
02-03311 YANTA, TOM J. Karnes County
02-03314 MOCZYGEMBA, A. Karnes County
02-03315 TRIAL, ANNIE, ET AL Karnes County
02-03318 YANTA, GUSSIE Karnes County
02-045852 WIATREK, P. V. Karnes County
02-046246 YANTA, GUSSIE Karnes County
02-04912 PERSON SWD Karnes County
02-050693 POLLOK, C. T. Karnes County
02-052819 KOTARA-JANYSEK UNIT Karnes County
02-052994 PAWELEK, BEN A. Karnes County
02-055751 KRUCIAK, BEN L. -A- Karnes County
02-063280 PAWELEK, EDMUND UNIT Karnes County
02-07063 KOTARA-JANYSEK Karnes County
02-07065 PAWELEK, JEROME Karnes County
02-077946 FORD, MYRTLE Karnes County
02-112509 PERSON, OTHA D. Karnes County
02-127124 PAWELEK, BEN Karnes County
02-196970 SWIENTEK, J. B. Karnes County
02-203750 LABUS, T. Karnes County
02-212975 POLLOK, C. T. Karnes County
03-096029 LEWIS Matagorda County
03-11182 DROEMER, WALTER Lee County
03-11571 BRADEMAN, WM.-GISD Lee County
03-11699 GIDDINGS/LEE CO. AIRPORT Lee County
03-11717 GRIMM, EDWIN W. Lee County
03-11754 KAPPLER, LEONARD Lee County
03-11798 FARRACK, O.J. ET AL Lee County
03-11825 MERSIOVSKY, MILTON R. TRACT 1 Lee County
03-11950 DROEMER ET AL, TOWNSITE Lee County
03-12390 SCHATTE, MONROE A. Lee County
03-138449 LEWIS, J. C. Matagorda County
03-14509 GRIMM, EDWIN W. Lee County
03-17795 WILSON Fayette County
03-17911 MORGAN "A" Fayette County
03-18217 CLYDE Fayette County
03-19047 RICH Fayette County
04-031291 ZACHRY, H. B. Jim Hogg County
04-067069 ZACHRY Webb County
04-08902 ZACHRY, H. B. Jim Hogg County
04-126233 ZACHRY, H.B. Webb County
04-13246 GUTIERREZ Starr County
04-13297 GARZA HEIRS Starr County
04-13349 LA LIEBRE Starr County
04-13374 GUERRA, R. R. Starr County
04-219301 GUERRA, R.R. Starr County
08-24034 BRYANT, W. D. Martin County
10-148067 ARCHER TRUSTS Hansford County
10-194797 LACKEY GU Hansford County
10-194798 LACKEY GU Hansford County
10-194799 LACKEY GU Hansford County
10-201173 LACKEY GU Hansford County
10-216410 LACKEY GU Hansford County
8A-65684 READ Yoakum County
8A-65963 READ Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bommer Engineering Co.