Bowles Properties, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bowles Properties, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Bowles Properties, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Bowles Properties, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-01895 BOOKOUT, ANITA Harrison County
06-02236 STARNES, J. N. Smith County
06-100732 VAUGHN Harrison County
06-10979 WATERS Smith County
06-11109 ROBERTS "B" Smith County
06-115306 CHERRY GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-11730 MCCAULEY Harrison County
06-11752 MCJIMSEY Harrison County
06-11788 STARNES Smith County
06-11819 SCOTT, JAMES Harrison County
06-11826 BROWN, C. C. UNIT Smith County
06-118763 MOBLEY Harrison County
06-118765 SMITH-BURNETT Harrison County
06-11907 WEATHERSBY-BLACK Harrison County
06-119406 RAVEN, THOMAS Harrison County
06-119579 SPEIGHT Harrison County
06-120618 WEATHERSBY-BLACK Harrison County
06-12095 STONE HEIRS Gregg County
06-12116 KELLEY Harrison County
06-121228 WEATHERSBY, FRED R. HEIRS #1 Harrison County
06-12126 WEATHERSBY, FRED R. HEIRS Harrison County
06-12173 SPARKS-WILLIAMS UNIT Harrison County
06-12187 WEATHERSBY-BLACK HEIRS Harrison County
06-122577 WEATHERSBY-BLACK HEIRS Harrison County
06-12263 STARR, EDGAR Smith County
06-122830 KELLEY Harrison County
06-122982 TUCKER Harrison County
06-12321 MANNING Harrison County
06-12378 MCKINLEY, J. C. "A" Gregg County
06-124976 WEST ELYSIAN FIELDS Harrison County
06-125607 TUCKER Harrison County
06-126229 TUCKER Harrison County
06-126292 TUCKER Harrison County
06-12681 ROGERS, WEB JR. Harrison County
06-13104 ROGERS HEIRS "B" Harrison County
06-13149 CITY OF KILGORE Gregg County
06-13440 MCKINLEY, J. C. Gregg County
06-13602 WILLEY, LOUIS Panola County
06-13713 MCJIMSEY Harrison County
06-140631 CHRISTIAN Panola County
06-140632 CHRISTIAN Panola County
06-151577 MCKINLEY, J.C. "A" Gregg County
06-156254 FURRH Panola County
06-160161 CHRISTIAN Panola County
06-161021 BOOKOUT, ANITA Harrison County
6E-06211 MUCKELROY, GEO. -A- Gregg County
6E-06361 CASTLEBERRY -C- Gregg County
6E-06368 FERGUSON Rusk County
6E-06480 MATTOX, G. S. Gregg County
6E-07908 CHRISTIAN, J. M. Gregg County
6E-07921 SIBLEY, EMMA Gregg County
6E-08017 BEAN, BEN Gregg County
6E-08175 STONE HEIRS Gregg County
6E-08227 ANDERSON, T. D. Gregg County
6E-08246 LODEN, J. T. Gregg County
6E-08254 PRESSLEY, T. G. Gregg County
6E-08682 MCQUEEN, W. D. Gregg County
6E-08696 MCQUEEN, D. W. "B" Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bowles Properties, Inc.