Bracken Energy Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bracken Energy Company
Map of Wells Operated by Bracken Energy Company
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Leases Operated by Bracken Energy Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-04367 LEE, C. R. UNIT Lipscomb County
10-06289 TUBB Lipscomb County
10-06524 CONATSER Hemphill County
10-06799 EDWARDS F. GAS UNIT Ochiltree County
10-06844 MITCHELL Hemphill County
10-06845 POPHAM Lipscomb County
10-06866 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-06930 CAMPBELL "A" Hemphill County
10-06931 TUBB Lipscomb County
10-088105 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-088261 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-088322 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-096257 EDWARDS, F. GAS UNIT Ochiltree County
10-100599 BROWN, CHARLES R. Lipscomb County
10-111532 THORNE Hemphill County
10-113632 THORNE Hemphill County
10-124549 COGGIN Hemphill County
10-132841 TUBB Lipscomb County
10-133594 SANTA FE Hansford County
10-133693 SANTA FE Hansford County
10-135775 SANTA FE Hansford County
10-138071 CONATSER Hemphill County
10-138936 HIGGS Hansford County
10-139248 ODC Hansford County
10-139514 PALO DURO RESERVOR Hansford County
10-140250 O'LOUGHLIN Hansford County
10-142334 ETLING Hansford County
10-145976 SWINK Ochiltree County
10-146030 BETTY Hansford County
10-146310 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-147351 GREENE Hansford County
10-151258 BROWN Lipscomb County
10-151259 MACIAS Hemphill County
10-152891 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-153955 NEWMAN -A- Lipscomb County
10-156152 YARNOLD Hemphill County
10-156164 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-157453 ISAACS Hemphill County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bracken Energy Company