Brammer Supply, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Brammer Supply, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Brammer Supply, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Brammer Supply, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12891 WILLIAMS Wilson County
03-18137 FAZZINO, MIKE UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-18395 FAZZINO, MIKE UNIT 2 Brazos County
03-18606 COURT, V. Brazos County
03-21839 DUSEK Fayette County
03-22061 DUSEK UNIT NO. 1 Fayette County
04-137010 GLASSCOCK Duval County
08-06194 SNYDER, B. S. -D- Howard County
08-06195 TXL, B. S. -D- Howard County
08-06213 SNYDER, B. S. -A- Howard County
08-06214 TXL, B. S. -A- Howard County
08-06215 SNYDER, B. S. Howard County
08-06219 SNYDER, B. S. -C- Howard County
08-06221 SNYDER, B. S. -E- Howard County
08-06222 T. P. LAND & TRUST, B. S. Howard County
08-11645 TXL, B. S. -C- Howard County
09-02350 ANDERSON, GEO. Cooke County
09-02358 MURPHY, W. J. Cooke County
09-02549 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-02566 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-02753 WRIGHT, ARCHIE Grayson County
09-02758 WRIGHT, ARCHIE Grayson County
09-02828 ELLIOTT, LAURA Grayson County
09-02829 VARLEY, S. Grayson County
09-02836 MORAN, J. E. Grayson County
09-02845 SUDDATH BROTHERS Grayson County
09-038239 CHERRY HOMES "A" Jack County
09-04447 COLLIER, T. M. (5-9) Montague County
09-04448 COLLIER, T. M. (1/2) Montague County
09-04506 ETTER, J. S. Montague County
09-04507 JANEWAY, J. P. Montague County
09-057064 CHILDERS-DODD UNIT Wise County
09-057065 EMMERT-CASWELL UNIT Wise County
09-072487 FRANKLIN Jack County
09-08435 YOUNGER, RUTH Grayson County
09-08512 SANDUSKY /OIL CREEK SD./ UNIT Grayson County
09-092987 WAGGONER UNIT Wise County
09-096698 PICKENS, R. H. Grayson County
09-09800 CHUMBLEY, GLADYS ETAL Grayson County
09-102575 NESBITT "B" Young County
09-107550 CHILDERS Wise County
09-115782 JOHNSON, ROBERT H. Grayson County
09-11753 KEELING, RUBY Clay County
09-13202 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-15118 SCARBROUGH, G. C. Grayson County
09-15344 MURRELL, S. F. Cooke County
09-15577 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-15751 EANES WEST UNIT Montague County
09-15954 EANES NW /MISS./ UNIT Montague County
09-16376 DEGAN SAND UNIT Grayson County
09-16540 MARSHALL, JOHN Grayson County
09-16742 KEELING, RUBY Clay County
09-17087 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17088 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17089 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17433 VIARS, FAY ET AL Grayson County
09-17547 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-18414 FAVORS, J. E. Grayson County
09-18671 ELLIOTT,LAURA -B- Grayson County
09-19102 SNUGGS, STEVEN F. Cooke County
09-19352 SNUGGS, STEVEN, A C GREEN Cooke County
09-19425 GREEN, A. C. Cooke County
09-19715 CRAWFORD "A" Cooke County
09-19979 GOLDSTOM, M. A. Grayson County
09-20263 WRAGG -C- Young County
09-21649 WOODS, J. S. "D" Montague County
09-21877 PICKENS, BYRD Grayson County
09-23903 NESBITT "G" Young County
09-24116 RITCHIE Jack County
09-26382 VARLEY Grayson County
09-26688 P & T UNIT Cooke County
09-26930 PLUMLEE Grayson County
09-27750 COLLIER MCCUTCHIN UNIT Montague County
09-27900 MCCALL CHRISTIE UNIT Montague County
09-28461 JEANES, L.H. Grayson County
09-28749 NORTH SADLER PENN UNIT Grayson County
09-28756 COVINGTON, WILLIAM Wise County
09-29191 MORDECAI Grayson County
09-29214 CALLOWAY Grayson County
09-29874 WYATT, W.M. Cooke County

Drilling Permits Filed by Brammer Supply, Inc.