BRG Lone Star LTD. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By BRG Lone Star LTD.
Map of Wells Operated by BRG Lone Star LTD.
Contact Information
Company Name:

7134 S YALE AVE STE 600
TULSA, OK 74136


Leases Operated by BRG Lone Star LTD.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-015454 GLADNEY #3 GU Henderson County
05-04350 TURLINGTON Henderson County
05-227108 WATSON, M. L. GU #1 Freestone County
05-250790 JAF Freestone County
05-264981 BETTS GAS UNIT Leon County
05-265325 ELLISON GAS UNIT Leon County
05-267633 HARVEY GAS UNIT Leon County
05-272082 HARVEY GAS UNIT Leon County
05-276166 HARVEY GAS UNIT Leon County
06-10506 JOHNSON O.B. -B- Smith County
06-11653 RAYFORD, B. Smith County
06-12827 BRADLEY, R. S Smith County
06-142215 SCOTT, WALTER Smith County
06-15514 PAXTON OIL UNIT Cherokee County
06-207676 TEMPLE-INLAND II Houston County
06-208323 LOVELL II Houston County
06-213938 LOVELL III Houston County
06-218759 TEMPLE-INLAND IV Anderson County
06-221186 DAMUTH GAS UNIT #1 Houston County
06-226093 SESSIONS, RUBE GU Cherokee County
06-227052 TEMPLE A-94 GAS UNIT Houston County
06-228436 ADAMS GAS UNIT Houston County
06-229418 TEMPLE-INLAND V Houston County
06-232513 LOVELL IV Houston County
06-232765 TEMPLE-INLAND GAS UNIT NO. 6H Houston County
06-234932 PRESTON HEIRS UNIT Angelina County
06-235211 MAST, L.B. Nacogdoches County
06-236020 HAUSERMAN Cherokee County
06-239151 MCKNIGHT Cherokee County
06-242382 TEMPLE INLAND GAS UNIT VIII Houston County
06-244138 CROWLEY Cherokee County
06-244139 BLACKSTONE MINERALS Cherokee County
06-244864 PRESTON HEIRS UNIT Angelina County
06-246316 RYAN, E. M. UNIT Angelina County
06-246707 LUMBER, ANGELINA Angelina County
06-247274 KURTH Angelina County
06-247360 RYAN, E. M. UNIT Angelina County
06-249869 BLACKSTONE MINERALS Cherokee County
06-252750 BLACKSTONE MINERALS Cherokee County
06-254339 SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS NORTH Nacogdoches County
06-280652 CONNIE THOMPSON GAS UNIT Angelina County
06-280654 PRESTON HEIRS UNIT Angelina County
09-209466 OLIVER "A" UNIT Tarrant County
09-210630 OLIVER "A" UNIT Tarrant County
09-212593 OLIVER "A" UNIT Tarrant County
09-214495 WALKING "T" UNIT Tarrant County
09-220867 WOODS Johnson County
09-221198 MONCRIEF RANCH NORTH Parker County
09-231900 WALKING T 5&6 UNIT Tarrant County
09-231903 COOK HILLS Johnson County
09-232992 PERKINS UNIT Wise County
09-233884 ELKINS UNIT Tarrant County
09-233885 BEDNARZ Johnson County
09-237414 ELKINS UNIT Tarrant County
09-237693 ELKINS UNIT Tarrant County
09-237801 ELKINS UNIT Tarrant County
09-238414 DWIGHT DODSON UNIT Wise County
09-238577 RAYZOR-SOUTH UNIT Denton County
09-238578 WHYBURN UNIT Denton County
09-238830 LITTLE, M. C. GAS UNIT Wise County
09-239223 ELKINS UNIT Tarrant County
09-241529 COOK HILLS Johnson County
09-241570 DWIGHT DODSON UNIT Wise County
09-243330 LAWRENCE Johnson County
09-245674 PETTY Johnson County
09-246420 GREEN UNIT Johnson County
09-246670 AUNE UNIT Denton County
09-246898 ELKINS Tarrant County
09-247348 ELKINS Tarrant County
09-247904 RAYZOR-SOUTH Denton County
09-248412 FRANKLIN Johnson County
09-250462 RAYZOR NORTH UNIT Denton County
09-252214 MONCRIEF RANCH SOUTH Parker County
09-253281 FEDERAL 1937 Tarrant County
09-253644 H&D Johnson County
09-256862 CARTER Wise County
09-260465 DWIGHT DODSON UNIT Wise County
09-263704 DWIGHT DODSON UNIT Wise County
09-264176 PITNER-NORTH UNIT Denton County
09-272648 NEW UNIT Johnson County

Drilling Permits Filed by BRG Lone Star LTD.