Brooks Petroleum Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Brooks Petroleum Company
Map of Wells Operated by Brooks Petroleum Company
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TYLER, TX 75703

(903) 504-5405

Leases Operated by Brooks Petroleum Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-10805 WALKER, LENA Madison County
03-11560 BATES, W.O. Madison County
03-20388 SCHOLZ, ET AL Madison County
03-23132 SAMEDAN FEE Houston County
03-23162 SCHOLZ ET AL Madison County
03-23394 SOC FEE Houston County
03-26264 ORL GR UNIT Houston County
03-26269 BROWN Houston County
03-26349 JACKSON Houston County
03-26552 PATRICK A Houston County
03-26599 WILLIAM B. HARRISON Houston County
03-26706 JIM BOWIE Houston County
03-271509 BLAKELEY, DAVID Houston County
03-274528 PATRICK A Houston County
03-279214 HACKETT Houston County
05-02840 CATFISH RANCH Henderson County
05-03075 WELLS, MAXIE W. Leon County
05-04323 MCGEE, GENEVIEVE Henderson County
06-04504 LAKE FERRELL UNIT Marion County
06-05657 BEN-GENE FIELD UNIT Harrison County
06-05660 NEWTON, ELSIE J. Harrison County
06-05683 DAVIDSON Harrison County
06-05883 COLLINS SURVEY Harrison County
06-05922 POWELL, LILLIE Upshur County
06-082866 PERRONE Houston County
06-085132 PERRONE Houston County
06-085511 GILMORE Houston County
06-086103 PERRONE Houston County
06-097610 BARTON, J. W. Anderson County
06-10034 DAVIDSON Harrison County
06-101602 MIRIAM-MILES Anderson County
06-102198 COLLEY HEIRS Anderson County
06-10461 MILLS, J.W. Anderson County
06-10800 MILLS, J. W. Anderson County
06-115666 STARCKE Cass County
06-11843 WILLIAMS, ROBERT & JAMES Leon County
06-12276 WATTS, RUTH E. Anderson County
06-12418 ELROD, G. O. Anderson County
06-12532 HARLETON, NE (PETTIT) UNIT Harrison County
06-12732 TAYLOR UNIT Marion County
06-13642 GEORGIA Anderson County
06-13933 RODESSA, N.W. (UPPER DEES) UNIT Cass County
06-14459 LANGSTON Anderson County
06-146011 FENTON Gregg County
06-14654 NEWMAN, MAXIE Harrison County
06-14993 R. J. WILLIAMS -B- Leon County
06-14994 R. J. WILLIAMS -A- Leon County
06-15005 LIPSEY Leon County
06-15031 LIPSEY -A- Leon County
06-15044 GRAGG, BILLY H. Leon County
06-15068 LIPSEY -B- Leon County
06-15080 STEADMAN Houston County
06-15094 STARCKE Cass County
06-15162 WEST Houston County
06-15167 JACKSON WB Houston County
06-15230 MILLS, J. W. Anderson County
06-15302 ENGLISH, W. C. Houston County
06-15417 SMITH TRUST Harrison County
06-15551 THOMPSON Marion County
06-15552 CARMICHAEL Marion County
06-15567 BELL Marion County
06-15601 WOLAVER Marion County
06-15609 NABOURS Harrison County
06-15610 JONES Harrison County
06-15627 PROWSE Harrison County
06-15628 MILLER Marion County
06-15652 TREADWELL Marion County
06-15677 HAGGARD
06-186645 WARE UNIT Anderson County
06-187517 RUPPE/FENNELL/NEWMAN Harrison County
06-192787 FUQUAY Marion County
06-193023 SOUTHLAND ROYALTY Cass County
06-195742 KLABZUBA Marion County
06-198343 RUPPE, JAMES A. ETAL Harrison County
06-198530 TDC Anderson County
06-199194 THORSELL GU Marion County
06-211959 RUPPE/FENNELL/NEWMAN Harrison County
06-247331 RUPPE, JAMES A. ETAL Harrison County
06-272496 RUPPE, JAMES A. ETAL Harrison County
06-272664 RUPPE/FENNELL/NEWMAN Harrison County

Drilling Permits Filed by Brooks Petroleum Company