Bse Production Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bse Production Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Bse Production Co.
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PO BOX 4260

(361) 578-9021

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Leases Operated by Bse Production Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-13094 SPRADLIN Gonzales County
02-02382 GABRYSCH Jackson County
02-02572 HILLYER, MADIE K., ETAL Jackson County
02-03814 CLEMENTS, GEORGE S. Jackson County
02-053107 CLEMENT, G. S. Jackson County
02-05472 HILLYER, MAUDE K. Jackson County
02-05536 KOUNTZ & STEWART Wharton County
02-05537 KOUNTZ & STEWARD Wharton County
02-05655 KOUNTZ & STEWART Wharton County
02-05841 MCDOWELL, BERTHA DELL UNIT Jackson County
02-06449 MATCEK Jackson County
02-07044 MATCEK Jackson County
02-072086 KOUNTZ & STEWART Wharton County
02-07270 KOUNTZ & STEWART Wharton County
02-07742 KOUNTZE & COUCH B-2 Jackson County
02-07937 MATCEK, BENNY Jackson County
02-08453 MCDOWELL, BERTHA DELL Jackson County
02-08699 BERTHA DELL MCDOWELL UNIT Jackson County
02-105342 WOOD Refugio County
02-10573 MCDOWELL-AIMONE UNIT Jackson County
02-11232 HILLYER, MAUDE K. Jackson County
02-120179 HEIBEL Victoria County
02-120181 GLASER Jackson County
02-123040 ALBRECHT Goliad County
02-140432 KOLIBA Victoria County
02-148054 CLEMENTS, G. S. Jackson County
02-149114 ROSE AND SAMPLE Jackson County
02-149299 MATCEK, BENNIE Jackson County
02-176317 HAIDUSEK Lavaca County
02-178925 HAIDUSEK Lavaca County
02-197431 ALBRECHT Goliad County
02-205324 ALBRECHT Goliad County
02-211701 KALLUS-VOLKMER Jackson County
02-212184 HAIDUSEK Lavaca County
02-224622 KALLUS, JOHNNY Jackson County
02-226274 QUINN-JOLLY UNIT #1 Jackson County
02-258175 HILLYER, MAUDE K. Jackson County
02-281456 GABRYSCH Jackson County
03-034307 DUNCAN, F. B. & DONALD Wharton County
03-055417 DUNCAN -C- Wharton County
03-10441 DUNCAN, F. B. & D. "D" LEASE Wharton County
03-11206 HAYNES, MARIE B. GDN. Brazoria County
03-117536 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-12379 HANKAMER Jasper County
03-126377 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-127323 NAISER, J. E. ET AL Wharton County
03-128345 MERTA, CELESTINA ET AL Wharton County
03-13409 HANKAMER NO. 1 Jasper County
03-139926 DUNCAN, DONALD Wharton County
03-161199 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-162188 NAISER, WILLIAM J. ET UX Wharton County
03-171615 HEIM Brazoria County
03-181531 HAYNES, MARIE B. Brazoria County
03-189161 DUNCAN-HAMILL Wharton County
03-196829 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-197080 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-201045 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-202979 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-203463 HINZE-BALUSEK Colorado County
03-209250 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-235584 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-235585 DUNCAN, DONALD B. Wharton County
03-242478 HINZE, ALICE Colorado County
04-01058 WENDT, H. Duval County
04-010618 JOHNSON, J. W. Duval County
04-013211 LA GASSE, LAURA Nueces County
04-013214 PRIOUR, T. Nueces County
04-013363 LA GASSE, LAURA Nueces County
04-02532 PERKINS-LA GASSE Nueces County
04-02552 LAWRENCE, R. M. & L. S. Nueces County
04-02592 PRIOUR, T. -B- Nueces County
04-042534 PERKINS-LAGASSE Nueces County
04-045544 PERKINS LA-GASSE Nueces County
04-046089 PRIOUR, T. T. Nueces County
04-048006 BLISS, FRANK E. Nueces County
04-048007 BLISS, FRANK E. Nueces County
04-06057 PRIOUR, T. -B- Nueces County
04-084374 PERKINS-LAGASSE Nueces County
04-08949 WENDT, H. -A- Duval County
04-10271 BLISS, F. E. Nueces County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bse Production Co.