BXP Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By BXP Operating, LLC
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P O BOX 7227
DALLAS, TX 75209

(972) 764-2621

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Leases Operated by BXP Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-160092 CHAPARROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-16693 MOESKER Gonzales County
01-16790 BRISCO Gonzales County
01-17074 HRNCIR Gonzales County
01-17836 MAKERS Gonzales County
01-17863 HAYDENS Gonzales County
02-09316 ROBBINS Jackson County
03-02761 PRATT, H. J., DR. Polk County
03-02778 GRANBURY, C. B. A/C #4 Polk County
03-02786 DICK & FALING Polk County
03-02787 JONES, R. H. Polk County
03-02789 MUNSON, W. B. HEIRS Polk County
03-09780 ARC-CALL & JONES Newton County
03-16918 GRANBURY, C.B. Polk County
03-198252 BENNETT ESTATE Brazoria County
03-22690 WTC Polk County
03-22845 BENNETT ESTATE Brazoria County
03-229794 SIMMONS A-70 Polk County
03-230207 BP AMERICA DELTA Polk County
03-233191 DICKENS A-214 Polk County
03-234640 WOODS A-82 Polk County
03-23505 BURNS Newton County
03-23734 VASTAR Newton County
03-242366 BAXTER A-141 Polk County
03-24266 NEWTON Newton County
03-24267 NEWTON "B" Newton County
03-24298 CHAMPION RAY Newton County
03-24470 CHAMPION Newton County
03-24490 WHITTEN UNIT Newton County
03-246890 CARTER NORTH A-144 Polk County
03-24701 NEWTON C Newton County
03-24706 BENNETT ESTATE Brazoria County
03-24731 PURE RESOURCES "A" Newton County
03-24846 HEARTWOOD Newton County
03-24868 SMITH, MORGAN Newton County
03-24901 NEWTON UNIT 'B' Newton County
03-24918 PURE RESOURCES Newton County
03-24947 AEOLUS Newton County
03-24974 NEWTON "D" Newton County
03-25086 GRAY, JAMES Newton County
03-25124 CHERRY OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-25125 CASSANDRA Newton County
03-25182 MCBRIDE Newton County
03-25858 DOMS UNIT Fayette County
03-26443 IVY UNIT Fayette County
03-26479 KELLY UNIT Fayette County
04-168025 VAN ES Webb County
04-174908 LAUREL, ANGEL Webb County
04-175697 RAMEY, ALEX Hidalgo County
04-215375 BAILEY-REESE Webb County
04-246147 LOS MESQUITES Zapata County
04-256123 TREVINO, ALBERTO Zapata County
04-257501 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-258793 TREVINO, ALBERTO Zapata County
04-264918 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-271470 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-274762 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-274970 ALEX RAMEY Hidalgo County
04-275298 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
09-238874 CLARK Hill County
09-239752 SMITHEY Hill County
09-242603 COVINGTON ACRES Hill County
09-242605 LEACH Hill County
09-242606 LEACH Hill County
09-242609 GONZALES Hill County
09-242611 CLARK Hill County
09-243645 SMITHEY Hill County
09-244808 EDENS Hill County
09-246347 SAUNDERS Hill County
09-246571 LASATER UNIT Hill County
09-248997 WATSON Hill County
09-249864 CAMPBELL UNIT Hill County
09-251430 THELMA JEAN TURNER Hill County
09-252130 HANCOCK Hill County
09-253649 MAYS-MCELROY Hill County
09-253669 COLONIAL TRUST Hill County
09-253670 YOUNG Hill County
09-253671 SMITHERMAN Hill County

Drilling Permits Filed by BXP Operating, LLC