C. W. Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By C. W. Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by C. W. Resources, Inc.
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Leases Operated by C. W. Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-170389 SHILOH Freestone County
06-138409 GILBERT, LOY Smith County
06-14004 PARKER, VIVIAN Gregg County
06-141668 NEWTON, W.F. Smith County
06-14173 BRUSHY CREEK UNIT #1 Anderson County
06-14432 BRUSHY CREEK UNIT #2 Anderson County
06-145192 SMITH, MAUD Gregg County
06-145234 SMITH, MAUD Gregg County
06-146280 DAVIS, J.D. /E/ GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-150256 FREE, J.W. GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-151843 CHRISTIAN, RANDLE GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-152230 LANDERS, C. C. Upshur County
06-153437 PHILLIPS-FREE Upshur County
06-154150 HAMPTON, HOWARD Upshur County
06-155008 BLAND, J F GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-155584 FREE, J.W. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-156256 FENTON, H. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-156283 BRAWLEY, E. H. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-157477 MILLER, J. T. Upshur County
06-157934 JOHNSON, G. W. Upshur County
06-157969 SHILOH SCHOOL GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-158524 TAYLOR, J. N. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-159051 COLLINS, T. GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-159065 BOWLES, J. F. Gregg County
06-159207 CONTINENTAL STATE BANK Gregg County
06-159210 RAMEY, T. C. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-160232 WHEELER, W. W. Gregg County
06-161361 PHILLIPS, JESSE GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-164504 ORYX-AKIN Gregg County
06-165451 LANDERS, W. M. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-166028 GLADEWATER G.U. 15 Upshur County
06-166436 SMITH, MAUD Gregg County
06-166782 GLADEWATER G.U. 16 Upshur County
06-167000 RICHEY, G.W. GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-167069 RAMEY, T. C. GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-167130 GLADEWATER G.U. 16 Gregg County
06-168370 BARKSDALE, JOHN GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-168371 RICHEY, G.W. GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-169062 BARKSDALE, JOHN GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-169578 MEDLIN, J.W. ESTATE GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-170436 SMITH, I. D. Upshur County
06-173188 BARKSDALE, JOHN GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-175578 MCKINLEY, JC & RS GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-177073 HARRIS, T. B. GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-177744 GLADEWATER GU 15 Upshur County
06-178509 HOPKINS, PET GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-178739 HAMPTON, HOWARD Upshur County
06-184365 BINION, ARTHUR Upshur County
06-184700 BINION, ARTHUR Upshur County
06-192669 MCKINLEY Gregg County
06-201539 KLEUPPEL Smith County
06-206906 TUCKER "G" GAS UNIT Smith County
06-212227 SWINNEY, VIOLA Smith County
06-213548 MCDONALD Smith County
06-213551 JAKUBIK Cherokee County
06-214313 WILSON, B.J. Smith County
06-220928 MCGILL, LD GU 1 Cherokee County
06-221711 CHALLENGER Smith County
06-222284 CAMERON Angelina County
06-224551 JAKUBIK Cherokee County
06-225016 MUD CREEK Smith County
06-233685 LITTLETON LAKE Marion County
06-238097 MCDONALD Smith County
06-238985 DYER Smith County
06-241870 CLEAR LAKE GU Marion County
06-243761 NORTHCUTT GU Cherokee County
06-244338 HARRISON, J. W. ESTATE GU Harrison County
06-245056 MURPHY, O.G. HEIRS Marion County
06-246174 RIVER, ANGELINA GU Angelina County
06-246356 JAKUBIK Cherokee County
06-248285 STEPHENS GU Smith County
06-249529 HIGHTOWER GAS UNIT Angelina County
06-256679 R HASTY UNIT Marion County
06-257037 RUCKER, WL GU 1 Cherokee County
06-259664 JAKUBIK Cherokee County
06-261519 RUCKER, WL GU 1 Cherokee County
06-265334 RUCKER WL GU 1 Cherokee County
6E-07640 WILHITE, J. F. Gregg County
6E-08160 PARNELL, J. A. Gregg County
6E-08170 SAULTER, R. L. Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by C. W. Resources, Inc.