Caldwell Production Co. Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Caldwell Production Co. Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Caldwell Production Co. Inc.
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Leases Operated by Caldwell Production Co. Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00086 MCCONNELL (GRYPHON) Carson County
10-00149 COOPER, E. Carson County
10-00279 SHORT, J. C. Gray County
10-00291 SAUNDERS, D Gray County
10-00297 HARRAH -A- Gray County
10-00298 ARCHER Gray County
10-00299 ARCHER -A- Gray County
10-00300 MCKINNEY Gray County
10-00307 CATLIN, T. W. ETAL Gray County
10-00313 SAUNDERS, J. M. Gray County
10-00315 WORLEY-COMBS Gray County
10-00328 BINKLEY, O. E. Gray County
10-00332 MERTEN, H. H. Gray County
10-00336 HOOD, J. A. Gray County
10-00387 CATLIN, TOM Gray County
10-00390 FAULKNER, SILER Gray County
10-00391 FEE LAND #227 Gray County
10-00469 GETHING -B- Gray County
10-00610 OCHILTREE Gray County
10-00677 HOOD Gray County
10-00684 SHORT -B- Gray County
10-00693 BRET -R- Hutchinson County
10-00694 BRET -Q- Hutchinson County
10-00700 THOM -A- Hutchinson County
10-00701 THOMPSON -F- Hutchinson County
10-00759 HAILE -D- Hutchinson County
10-00763 WATKINS, E. E. Hutchinson County
10-00791 COCKRELL, E. TR. -B- Hutchinson County
10-00805 HAILE Hutchinson County
10-00902 COCKRELL Hutchinson County
10-00903 PITTS Hutchinson County
10-00907 HAILE -F- Hutchinson County
10-00908 HAILE -A- Hutchinson County
10-00967 PITCHER Hutchinson County
10-01033 GARY Hutchinson County
10-01048 KAY Hutchinson County
10-01075 THOMPSON -E- Hutchinson County
10-01175 COCKRELL, E. Hutchinson County
10-01178 TERRY Hutchinson County
10-01292 HAILE -C- Hutchinson County
10-01293 HAILE -B- Hutchinson County
10-01345 SISTERS Hutchinson County
10-01498 EDGE -B- Roberts County
10-01540 HARRAH (GRYPHON) Gray County
10-01576 LEWIS, T. D. -B- Hutchinson County
10-01648 BURNETT, S. B. #1 Hutchinson County
10-01762 PERKINS, J. J. ETAL -C- Hutchinson County
10-01955 SMITH -10- Hutchinson County
10-01956 SMITH -15- Hutchinson County
10-01967 BURNETT, S. B. #2 Carson County
10-01980 SMITH "10-R" Hutchinson County
10-02292 SMITH "10-T" Hutchinson County
10-02319 THORNBURG (GRYPHON) Carson County
10-023223 MEERS Gray County
10-023269 MCKINNEY, BIRDIE Gray County
10-02346 SMITH "15-T" Hutchinson County
10-024640 BINKLEY, O. E. Gray County
10-024904 HOLLENBECK Gray County
10-02497 JACKSON, WM. (GRYPHON) Gray County
10-025834 SHORT Gray County
10-03007 WEST STINNETT UNIT Hutchinson County
10-03061 PAMPA UNIT Gray County
10-031896 EDGE -B- Roberts County
10-03392 MCCONNELL "A" (GRYPHON) Gray County
10-04341 SOUTHLAND Hutchinson County
10-04431 MCCONNELL "B" Gray County
10-04787 COMBS-WORLEY "C" Gray County
10-05020 CALDWELL Carson County
10-05094 CALDWELL "A" Carson County
10-052534 EDGE -B- Roberts County
10-05340 WHITTENBURG Hutchinson County
10-05379 WESTERN Carson County
10-05511 DOSS Gray County
10-056613 EDGE -B- Roberts County
10-05704 PITTS Hutchinson County
10-06117 MATHERS "B" Roberts County
10-06546 SPARTAN Carson County
10-06568 SCHAFER RANCH EAST Carson County
10-133598 MATHERS -B- Roberts County
10-142719 PAMPA UNIT Gray County

Drilling Permits Filed by Caldwell Production Co. Inc.