Cameron, Paul E., Jr., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Cameron, Paul E., Jr., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Cameron, Paul E., Jr., Inc.
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P O BOX 756

Leases Operated by Cameron, Paul E., Jr., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-08279 BARNETT Gonzales County
01-09595 ALEXANDER Caldwell County
01-09717 POWELL-SCHROEDER UNIT Caldwell County
01-12473 WILSON, JAMES A. Dimmit County
01-12970 NEAL Frio County
02-001402 YAUSSI -B- Jackson County
02-04886 KUBECKA, P. F. Jackson County
02-050223 MOLINA, VICTORIA Jackson County
02-061430 BAECKER, EARL Victoria County
02-061644 OHRT, LYDIA Victoria County
02-061645 OHRT, LYDIA Victoria County
02-062682 CHANCE, R. Goliad County
02-069187 GISLER, R. O. ET AL Victoria County
02-106824 BALL Bee County
02-109554 ROSE, E. T. ET AL Jackson County
02-109745 SCHAAR Victoria County
02-120330 HALBOUTY ET AL Jackson County
02-122730 ACKLEY Jackson County
02-124263 FAUST Jackson County
02-126585 ACKLEY Jackson County
02-126596 YAUSSI Jackson County
02-127984 FAUST Jackson County
02-128031 FAUST Jackson County
02-128296 YAUSSI Jackson County
02-128619 HALBOUTY, ET AL Jackson County
03-065808 HUNN Colorado County
03-065809 HUNN Colorado County
03-067112 COCHRAN Colorado County
03-067404 HUNN Colorado County
03-069764 CLINE, WILLIAM A. Wharton County
03-070117 LEHRER -A- Colorado County
03-070122 POPP, H. J. Colorado County
03-073971 SORRELL Wharton County
03-073972 SORRELL Wharton County
03-075510 GUY L. JEANES Harris County
03-075516 GUY L. JEANES Harris County
03-076860 WILLIAM CLINE Wharton County
03-117720 FANNIE UPCHURCH Grimes County
03-117834 FOSTER ESTATE Montgomery County
03-117841 FOSTER ESTATE Montgomery County
03-118665 FOSTER ESTATE Montgomery County
03-118666 B. I. COLE UNIT Grimes County
03-121139 FOSTER ESTATE "B" Montgomery County
03-121178 MORGAN Brazos County
03-121555 FOSTER ESTATE Montgomery County
03-122377 FOSTER ESTATE Montgomery County
03-12781 FERREL UNIT Jasper County
03-147779 FOSTER, CAMPBELL Montgomery County
03-15982 SIEGERT UNIT Brazos County
03-18254 CROW Hardin County
04-11506 CAMERON Starr County
04-11516 CAMERON Starr County
04-11802 CAMERON Starr County
04-11904 WALKER, W. E. Starr County
04-125034 NICOLAI Starr County
04-127006 CAMERON Starr County
04-128357 CAMERON Starr County
04-129212 CAMERON Starr County
04-129752 CAMERON Starr County
04-130648 CAMERON Starr County
04-131071 CAMERON Starr County
04-137300 WALKER, W. E. Starr County
05-03723 BLAKE, RUTH STARR Van Zandt County
05-03732 BLAKE, RUTH STARR Van Zandt County
05-03780 BLAKE, R. S. "A" Van Zandt County
05-03788 BLAKE, R.S. B Van Zandt County
05-03833 BLAKE, R. S. Van Zandt County
05-03896 C. L. YORK Van Zandt County
05-03918 YORK, C. L. Van Zandt County
05-03919 C. L. YORK Van Zandt County
05-149026 PALMER-METCALF Van Zandt County
06-12938 JORDAN HEIRS UNIT Sabine County
06-13126 STURGIS Sabine County
06-13153 NEEDMORE Sabine County
06-13161 ARCO/BLACK STONE FEE Jasper County
06-13174 ARCO/BLACK STONE FEE 2 Jasper County
06-13242 ARCO FEE "A" Sabine County
06-13246 NEEDMORE PARK San Augustine County
06-13270 BROWNDELL Jasper County
06-13277 LEMOINE Sabine County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cameron, Paul E., Jr., Inc.