Camoil, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Camoil, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Camoil, Inc.
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P O BOX 644

Leases Operated by Camoil, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00633 KUESTER, CHAS. Victoria County
02-00639 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-00640 KUESTER, CHAS. DeWitt County
02-00669 HENSLEY, M. G. Victoria County
02-061677 WEST, JOHN S. Victoria County
02-064284 WEST, JOHN Victoria County
02-06951 PATMAN-MAURITZ -A- Jackson County
02-073103 MCKINNEY, RICKI DeWitt County
02-07412 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-07472 SMAJSTRLA UNIT Victoria County
02-077852 WUEST DeWitt County
02-07931 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-07949 SMAJSTRLA UNIT Victoria County
02-08101 PATMAN-MAIRITZ "B" Jackson County
02-08122 PATMAN-MAURITZ "A" Jackson County
02-08273 PATMAN-MAURITZ "A" Jackson County
02-083735 WUEST DeWitt County
02-08401 KUESTER, CHARLES Victoria County
02-088602 WEST Victoria County
02-117081 CARTER, A. J. III DeWitt County
02-135474 ALLEN Lavaca County
02-140819 ALLEN Lavaca County
02-148215 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-151159 SMAJSTRLA UNIT Victoria County
02-152585 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-154194 KNIGHT Wharton County
02-155170 FRIAR, THOMAS Victoria County
02-157510 SCHILHAB Lavaca County
02-172084 FRIAR, THOMAS Victoria County
02-184459 GOFF MINERAL TRUST Jackson County
02-187378 GOODRICH, HUGH Lavaca County
02-188206 SCOTT DeWitt County
02-190683 GEO-HOPE Lavaca County
02-190685 GEO-HOPE Lavaca County
02-190690 GEO-HOPE Lavaca County
02-192492 GEO - HOPE Lavaca County
02-192653 SCOTT DeWitt County
02-200164 BORCHERS F Lavaca County
02-200174 BORCHERS F Lavaca County
02-201408 ARNECKE Goliad County
02-203127 CLIBURN "A" Calhoun County
02-212909 HARTMAN DeWitt County
02-232905 KUESTER Victoria County
03-02612 COCKBURN OIL CORP. Wharton County
03-042692 COCKBURN OIL CORPORATION Wharton County
03-05072 MOEBES, LEONA K. Colorado County
03-06476 REESE, J. T. Brazoria County
03-104511 MATTHEWS "E" Colorado County
03-10774 MOEBES, LEONA K. Colorado County
03-12471 REESE, J.T.-STATE LEASE 74684 Brazoria County
03-12698 STOVALL, GUY F Colorado County
03-129681 NORTHINGTON LAND & CATTLE CO. Wharton County
03-13604 OPERSTENY UNIT Brazos County
03-138605 PATOS, INC. Wharton County
03-139580 MATTHEWS "E" Colorado County
03-149968 STOVALL, GUY F. TRUST Wharton County
03-158752 SCHOENFIELD, TED Wharton County
03-158771 SCHOELMAN, EVELYN Wharton County
03-164973 MOEBES, LEONA K Colorado County
03-165331 JACKSON (TEXACO) Chambers County
03-169462 WEEKS ET AL Colorado County
03-169773 TXI OPERATIONS, L. P. Fort Bend County
03-170787 JONES ET AL Colorado County
03-173470 STOVALL Colorado County
03-173561 AMMANN Colorado County
03-178399 BROYLES, WALTER Colorado County
03-178967 THOMAS Colorado County
03-180007 BURGHER Colorado County
03-182421 THOMAS Colorado County
03-183610 SCHIURRING Colorado County
03-198107 HAINES Colorado County
03-200364 RANCHO GRANDE FARMS Wharton County
03-205819 THOMAS, J. R. Colorado County
03-214059 STOVALL, GUY Colorado County
03-22090 RUTTA Colorado County
03-224959 THOMAS Colorado County
03-22666 GRODHAUS Colorado County
03-226882 POPP ET AL UNIT Colorado County
03-250214 BUTLER GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-25570 POPP ET AL UNIT Colorado County

Drilling Permits Filed by Camoil, Inc.