Canan Operating, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Canan Operating, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Canan Operating, Inc.
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P O BOX 4887

(940) 723-2422

Leases Operated by Canan Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00606 WILSON -B- Archer County
09-01195 PARRISH -A- Archer County
09-01196 SCHOOL -A- Archer County
09-01198 WILSON -B- Archer County
09-01201 WILSON-DEEP Archer County
09-01212 AMERICAN Archer County
09-01220 LUKE -DEEP- Archer County
09-01228 WILSON-CONTINENTAL Archer County
09-06456 GUSSMAN-WAGGONER -J- Wilbarger County
09-06484 WAGGONER, W. T. ESTATE -OO- Wilbarger County
09-06653 WAGGONER -FG- Wilbarger County
09-09066 GUSSMAN-WAGGONER -J- Wilbarger County
09-11498 ROCK CROSSING UNIT Wilbarger County
09-13134 GUSSMAN-WAGGONER -J- Wilbarger County
09-17872 SCHOOL Archer County
09-17888 AMINEX Archer County
09-17922 PETRILLI, PRICE Archer County
09-18497 AMINEX -A- Archer County
09-190387 BURKE Denton County
09-191916 KRUM SOUTH Denton County
09-194049 SHERMAN, DIAMOND Wise County
09-19708 WILSON -E- Archer County
09-197787 POWELL Tarrant County
09-197788 POWELL-COZART UNIT Tarrant County
09-198080 DIAMOND MUNCASTER Wise County
09-19958 AMERICAN Archer County
09-21598 TRIBUNE "G" Archer County
09-21600 GARRETT "B" Clay County
09-21799 TRIBUNE NINE Archer County
09-221020 POWELL-COZART UNOT Tarrant County
09-22618 SCOTT, O. V. Archer County
09-22647 TEXAS Archer County
09-23928 PARISH "AA" Archer County
09-24175 GARRETT "D" Clay County
09-255360 MCMURREY RANCH Denton County
09-281897 HAPGOOD RANCH Clay County
09-30174 NUNNELEY A - 29 Montague County
09-30182 RICHARDS A35 Montague County
09-30672 DENNIS Montague County
09-30890 GRANT Montague County
09-30907 SCOTT-THOMPSON Montague County
09-30928 SCOTT RANCH #1 Montague County
09-31041 SCALING Clay County
09-31042 THREADGILL Clay County
09-31051 DANSBY Clay County
09-31208 O'NEALL Clay County
09-31332 THOMAS-MOSLEY Montague County
09-31406 VICKY Montague County
09-31473 SCALING Clay County
09-31557 MOSLEY Montague County
09-31607 SCALING NORTH Clay County
09-31870 COVINGTON Baylor County
09-32174 MATHEWS A Montague County
09-32527 HAPGOOD RANCH Clay County
09-32563 OGLE PLAXCO Clay County
09-32588 OGLE PLAXCO B Clay County
09-32592 ADAMS-PRATHER A Montague County
09-32593 MOSLEY NORTH Montague County
09-33039 MOSLEY D Montague County
09-33143 SCALING B Clay County
09-33220 DANSBY A Clay County
09-33306 JONES Clay County
09-33961 COVINGTON Baylor County
7B-075000 SARA Stephens County
7B-108283 RENATA Stephens County
7B-122040 SATTERWHITE "A" Stephens County
7B-122788 RENATA Stephens County
7B-122789 MUNNERLYN Stephens County
7B-122790 MUNNERLYN Stephens County
7B-122791 SATTERWHITE Stephens County
7B-122792 RAGLIN "A" Stephens County
7B-122793 RAGLIN "A" Stephens County
7B-123248 SATTERWHITE "A" Stephens County
7B-123323 SATTERWHITE "A" Stephens County
7B-123909 RENATA Stephens County
7B-123910 RENATA Stephens County
7B-125377 SATTERWHITE "A" Stephens County
7B-14025 HODGES Stephens County
7B-16158 HODGES A Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Canan Operating, Inc.