Cannan, Morris Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Cannan, Morris
Map of Wells Operated by Cannan, Morris
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Leases Operated by Cannan, Morris

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000363 HAGIST RANCH -F- McMullen County
01-000364 HAGIST RANCH -F- McMullen County
01-00615 RIDOUT, A. Wilson County
01-00618 RIDOUT, A. Wilson County
01-03001 HARDIN, ETHEL Wilson County
01-03875 HARDIN, ETHEL Wilson County
01-10125 GORZELL-HOSEK UNIT Wilson County
01-101936 HAGIST RANCH McMullen County
01-10350 GORZELL-MUTZ-LUKER UNIT Wilson County
01-10434 DUGT, BEN Wilson County
01-11373 GORZELL, LUCY Wilson County
01-11524 PALS RANCH Frio County
01-11549 DUGI, BEN Wilson County
01-11550 DUGI-KOPECKI UNIT Wilson County
01-11551 GORZELL, LUCY Wilson County
01-11552 THADDEUS-KOPECKI UNIT Wilson County
01-11553 KOPECKI-GORZELL UNIT Wilson County
01-11558 GORZELL, BEN Wilson County
01-11898 NOLL Wilson County
01-127036 HAGIST RANCH McMullen County
01-127274 HAGIST RANCH -F- McMullen County
01-13121 MATTKE, O. Wilson County
01-13339 WITTE-AMACKER Wilson County
01-13923 KAF UNIT Wilson County
01-152420 HAGIST McMullen County
02-001030 BRINKOETER, W. H. Bee County
02-001113 SLICK FEE -A- Bee County
02-003865 STAUSS, IDA ET AL UNIT Bee County
02-003867 STAUSS, IDA ET AL UNIT Bee County
02-01071 MALEY EST. -A- Bee County
02-01470 POETTER, W. L. C. DeWitt County
02-01788 HILBRICH & SELLERS Goliad County
02-031646 WALTON, W. D. Bee County
02-031953 STAUSS, IDA, ETAL UNIT Bee County
02-032290 WALTON, W. D. Bee County
02-033226 POWELL, G. T., ET AL Goliad County
02-034139 ENGELKING UNIT Bee County
02-037604 FERRELL & JACOBS Live Oak County
02-038979 EAST MAXINE UNIT 1 Live Oak County
02-048849 BRINKOETER, W. H. Bee County
02-049051 BRINKOETER, W. H. Bee County
02-049472 BRINKOETER, H. C. Bee County
02-05406 YOUNG, H.C. -A- Bee County
02-05407 YOUNG, H.C. Bee County
02-05408 BASSINGER, C. W. -A- Bee County
02-05409 BASSINGER, C. W. -B- Bee County
02-05512 HARDT, JULIA Goliad County
02-05529 BRINKOETER, WINONA Bee County
02-057106 LINDHOLM Live Oak County
02-05953 GOREE, AUDREY C. Bee County
02-06192 BRINKOETER, WINONA Bee County
02-06280 YOUNG H. C. Bee County
02-06281 YOUNG, H. C. Bee County
02-063624 REIFFERT, RALPH F. ET AL DeWitt County
02-066112 WOOD, E. L., ET AL Karnes County
02-070760 EAST MAXINE UNIT 1 Live Oak County
02-071091 LINDHOLM Live Oak County
02-084251 GOREE, AUDREY C. Bee County
02-109949 GRANT, JACK -A- Goliad County
02-109964 GRANT, JACK Goliad County
02-114897 HEARD Goliad County
02-121518 CBCB&G UNIT Bee County
02-122617 WICK UNIT Lavaca County
02-123030 GRAFE, MARY Lavaca County
02-125807 ENGELKING UNIT Bee County
02-129956 BRINKOETER Bee County
02-135464 GRANT, JACK Goliad County
02-136784 GRANT, JACK Goliad County
02-139304 BRINKOETER Bee County
02-141227 GRANT, JACK Goliad County
02-143109 LANDGREBE, ERWIN Goliad County
02-144046 LANDGREBE Goliad County
03-005261 FINKELSTEIN, M. B. Jefferson County
03-089410 SIMMONS, ETHEL ET AL UNIT Matagorda County
03-18798 WITTE, EDDIE Lee County
04-00095 ADAMS, O. S. Jim Wells County
04-00344 BRUNI, A. M. EST. -B- Webb County
04-04427 BRIGGS, CULLEN W., ETAL Nueces County
04-044818 BRUNI -B- Webb County
7B-040407 GRANT, EVERT Taylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cannan, Morris