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PO BOX 12878
DALLAS, TX 75225

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Leases Operated by Canyon Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-204293 FORTENBERRY, JANET Wise County
09-204617 FORTENBERRY, JANET Wise County
09-205110 HAZEL Denton County
09-206685 FORTENBERRY, HENRY Wise County
09-206687 KNIGHT Wise County
09-207339 FORTENBERRY, JANET Wise County
09-208337 KNIGHT Cooke County
09-208351 FORTENBERRY, JANET Wise County
09-208994 FORTENBERRY, HENRY Wise County
09-209028 FORTENBERRY, HENRY Wise County
09-209111 FORTENBERRY, JANET Denton County
09-209837 HAZEL Denton County
09-209838 FORTENBERRY, CHARLOTTE Denton County
09-209950 FORTENBERRY, JANET Wise County
09-209956 HAZEL Denton County
09-210261 MARTIN Wise County
09-210463 KNIGHT Cooke County
09-210702 HAZEL Denton County
09-211882 KNIGHT Wise County
09-211883 FORTENBERRY, JIM Denton County
09-213491 KNIGHT Cooke County
09-214820 FORTENBERRY, CHARLOTTE Denton County
09-214831 MARTIN Wise County
09-216470 FORTENBERRY, HENRY Denton County
09-223995 TRITT Denton County
09-226741 PRUETT Denton County
09-236983 ARNOLD-BRYSON Parker County
09-236989 POOLVILLE-BRADLEY Parker County
09-236990 POOLVILLE-BRADLEY Parker County
09-238911 PRUETT Denton County
09-241545 DEAN, NEECE Denton County
09-245119 RSK "A" Wise County
09-246070 RSK Wise County
09-247250 TEETER Tarrant County
09-253092 TRITT-WEAVER UNIT Denton County
09-256099 RSK "A" Wise County
09-262279 RSK "A" Wise County
09-264464 RSK "A" Wise County
09-31075 FORTENBERRY, HENRY Denton County
09-31433 FORTENBERRY, HENRY A Denton County
09-32556 THOMPSON Denton County
09-33345 PRUETT Denton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Canyon Operating, LLC