Carter Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Carter Energy Corporation
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Leases Operated by Carter Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-021223 OATES, G. W., UNIT Wise County
09-028507 OATES, G.W. Wise County
09-028978 BOAZ, ROSIE Wise County
09-070486 BELEW, THAD Wise County
09-070488 RSK CORP. "A" Wise County
09-071720 MCCONNELL, H. H. ET AL Jack County
09-073633 JEFFIE GRAVES ET AL Jack County
09-075678 ALLGOOD, W. L. Wise County
09-077729 HAILEY, E. Wise County
09-080583 DUERSON, L. ET AL Jack County
09-081499 NEIL, AILEEN Wise County
09-087959 JONAS Jack County
09-088099 COLE, M. T. Wise County
09-089440 PATTERSON, PAULINE RICE Wise County
09-090429 ROSTINE, V. V. Wise County
09-090437 FIRESTONE, C. W. ET UX Wise County
09-091056 JEFFIE GRAVES, ET AL Jack County
09-091359 BOAZ, ROSIE GAS UNIT Wise County
09-092077 ARMSTRONG Jack County
09-095456 BIRDWELL, D. M. Wise County
09-096017 CLAYTON-HEIRS Jack County
09-097526 OATES, G. W. Wise County
09-097631 HAMPTON, J. V. Wise County
09-098127 STEVENS, J. UNIT Wise County
09-098511 DOBBINS, ETTA Wise County
09-099019 OBENCHAIN Wise County
09-099689 DOBBINS, ETTA Wise County
09-102525 LANHAM, L. N. Wise County
09-103442 OATES, G. W. Wise County
09-103443 HAMPTON, J. V. Wise County
09-104053 BURRESS, L. L. UNIT Wise County
09-104437 KINDER, W. L. Jack County
09-104623 STEVENS, JIM UNIT Wise County
09-106458 FERGUSON, WAYNE ET AL Jack County
09-110194 WRIGHT Wise County
09-110286 SHOOP, G. P. Wise County
09-110577 PRUETT, H. R. Denton County
09-110630 HARDY, C. L. Wise County
09-111871 GAGE Wise County
09-113032 HOLLEY Jack County
09-114734 CATES Wise County
09-140149 WRIGHT Wise County
09-142263 WRIGHT Wise County
09-145029 TURNER, CARSON A. Wise County
09-147270 COOPER, LOWELL Jack County
09-150086 MCGUIRE, W. B. Wise County
09-160685 OATES, G. W. UNIT Wise County
09-165566 ARMSTRONG Jack County
09-179791 MCGUIRE, W. B. Wise County
09-18195 WHITAKER, J. E. Wise County
09-18412 WHETSELL F. W. ET AL Wise County
09-18495 TURNER, CARSON A. Wise County
09-18505 WHETSELL, MYRTLE Wise County
09-18970 HALMAN, W. H. Wise County
09-19540 CLAYTON HEIRS Jack County
09-20143 ARMSTRONG Jack County
09-202054 DUERSON, L. ET AL Jack County
09-20210 FERGUSON, WAYNE ET AL Jack County
09-20521 CAMPSEY, HARRY ET UX Jack County
09-20903 CAMPSEY -106- Jack County
09-21558 JOHNSON, E. L. Jack County
09-218047 SWANSON, H. E. ET AL Wise County
09-218049 SWANSON, H. E. ET AL Wise County
09-23897 GLADYS RITCHIE Jack County
09-23970 ARMSTRONG Jack County
09-24261 ARMSTRONG NO. 4 Jack County
09-24347 CASTEEL NO. 5 Jack County
09-24348 SMITH Wise County
09-24590 ARMSTRONG NO. 6 Jack County
09-24740 SHAWN, FERN Jack County
09-25661 DEAN, FLOYD H. UNIT Wise County
09-25815 CASTEEL NO. 8 Jack County
09-25829 ARMSTRONG Jack County
09-26812 WHITAKER, FRANK UNIT Wise County
09-26954 MOTLEY, VALTON Wise County
09-27296 TURNER, CARSON A. Wise County
09-28143 EUDALY, F. UNIT Wise County
09-29322 ARMSTRONG Jack County
09-30123 ARMSTRONG Jack County

Drilling Permits Filed by Carter Energy Corporation