Chance Oil Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Chance Oil Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Chance Oil Co., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Chance Oil Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-03969 COOPER, J. B. Jack County
09-04851 GIST Montague County
09-04855 CATO Montague County
09-05895 BARNES -D- Wichita County
09-06255 BISHOP, MARY Wichita County
09-06256 CONE Wichita County
09-06403 MCFARR Wichita County
09-06598 CASTLE Wilbarger County
09-06662 OWENS Wilbarger County
09-087022 GRAHAM, MAUD Young County
09-09741 HUFF Wichita County
09-105652 MCMULLEN, L. A. Wise County
09-127356 KESTER, C. Wilbarger County
09-13128 MCCALL, C. S. Montague County
09-14051 COBB, LILLIE Wilbarger County
09-14165 BURCH, A. Wilbarger County
09-14208 JOHNSTON, J. N. Wilbarger County
09-14498 SUMNER, J.C.&FRANCIS A.,HEIRS OF Wilbarger County
09-14565 COOPER, J. B. Jack County
09-14663 GRONOW, MARY Montague County
09-14861 GRONOW, MARY Montague County
09-14903 CONDON, FRANCIS -B- Wilbarger County
09-14932 CONDON, FRANCES -B- Wilbarger County
09-15024 SUMNER,J.C.&FRANCES A., HEIRS OF Wilbarger County
09-16451 MCCALL -A- Montague County
09-16882 STOUT, R. B. ET AL Montague County
09-16924 MCCALL -B- Montague County
09-16990 MOORE, CLEMMIE Foard County
09-17669 GRAHAM, MAUD -A- Young County
09-18368 STEGALL, L. O. Montague County
09-18400 GOODWIN Montague County
09-18463 GRAHAM ESTATE -1782- Young County
09-19073 PAYTON, H. L. Montague County
09-19213 NEWSOM Montague County
09-19859 GRAY, OLLIE Montague County
09-19871 JACKSON Montague County
09-22086 BRUCE UNIT Montague County
09-22522 SPEARS Young County
09-22559 PURCELL BROTHERS Archer County
09-22560 WOOD "MARTHA" Archer County
09-23835 GRONOW, MARY "A" Montague County
09-24017 GOETZE, F. Wilbarger County
09-24036 ROBERTSON Wilbarger County
09-24149 MCMULLEN, L. A. Wise County
09-24646 DAVIS, D. E. Wilbarger County
09-24868 KEY, E. M. Wilbarger County
09-25017 LEWIS, M.H. Wilbarger County
09-25457 CHAD Wilbarger County
09-25683 KESTER, C. Wilbarger County
09-25721 SPEARS Young County
09-26026 JOHNSTON, J. N. Wilbarger County
09-26043 FARRAR Wilbarger County
09-26816 BIG MAC Wilbarger County
09-26992 GUGGISBURG Wilbarger County
09-27156 CONDON, FRANCES Wilbarger County
09-27157 CONDON, FRANCES -A- Wilbarger County
09-27210 GUGGISBURG Wilbarger County
09-27493 GUGGISBERG Wilbarger County
09-29152 MCCALEB Wilbarger County
09-29299 GRAHAM, MAUD -A- Young County
09-29462 FARGO WEST UNIT Wilbarger County
09-29501 KING-WAGGONER -A- Wilbarger County
09-29516 THOMPSON Wilbarger County
09-29522 KYLE Archer County
09-29523 SMITH, WINBURN Wilbarger County
09-29746 RIGGINS Wilbarger County
09-29801 MCCALEB Wilbarger County
09-29811 KING-WAGGONER Wilbarger County
09-30345 MCMULLEN, L. A. 2 Wise County
7B-068578 SITTON L.T. ET AL Palo Pinto County
7B-085382 MAYBERRY, L. H. Erath County
7B-085555 MOODY-CRAWFORD Erath County
7B-087077 CARAWAY Erath County
7B-093001 CARAWAY Erath County
7B-093002 CARAWAY Erath County
7B-141974 CARAWAY Erath County
7B-143757 CARAWAY Palo Pinto County
7B-144792 MOODY-CRAWFORD Erath County
7B-146095 MOODY-CRAWFORD Erath County
7B-210835 SITTON, ANGIE Palo Pinto County

Drilling Permits Filed by Chance Oil Co., Inc.