Choice Exploration, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Choice Exploration, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Choice Exploration, Inc.
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Company Name:

11494 LUNA RD STE 200

(817) 633-7777

Leases Operated by Choice Exploration, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-08452 CRABTREE, JERRY W. Victoria County
02-08812 MCNEIL "D" Live Oak County
02-09041 CARTWRIGHT Live Oak County
02-09076 BUZZARD Bee County
02-09118 BOLLAND RANCH Live Oak County
02-09190 CULLI Bee County
02-09210 SMITH Bee County
02-09216 DOBIE Live Oak County
02-09261 LAY Live Oak County
02-09409 LFW Live Oak County
02-09456 LFW Live Oak County
02-09581 PARKER HEIRS Live Oak County
02-09681 IANTHA RUTLEDGE Live Oak County
02-09687 LFW Live Oak County
02-09698 RAMIRENA CREEK UNIT Live Oak County
02-10182 RAMIRENA CREEK Live Oak County
02-10327 LAKEHOUSE UNIT Live Oak County
02-255296 M&P RANCH LLC Live Oak County
02-256072 MARY ALICE JONES Live Oak County
02-256102 WILBURN-RUTLEDGE UNIT Live Oak County
02-256149 GILLIGAN Live Oak County
02-257631 LFW Live Oak County
02-262984 GILLIGAN Live Oak County
02-264868 WALKER, ACE Live Oak County
02-265034 HATCHER HEIRS GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-265526 SOUTHERN STATES Bee County
02-270547 RAPP RANCH Live Oak County
03-03350 WILBECK, M. P. Wharton County
03-053712 MERTA, MARY Wharton County
03-06438 ORCHARD OIL UNIT #1 O/A Galveston County
03-06616 ORCHARD OIL UNIT #4 O/A Galveston County
03-11046 TRELFORD, G.C.O.-A.K. UNIT Galveston County
03-11495 VIEHMAN, GLADYS Galveston County
03-11531 REITMEYER-BRISCOE SWD Galveston County
03-117017 COCKBURN, H. C. Wharton County
03-219266 KENT-SPRADLEY UNIT Liberty County
03-243705 HENDERSON PARTNERS Liberty County
03-244033 HENDERSON, EDMOND SR. Liberty County
03-245436 KENT - SPRADLEY UNIT Liberty County
03-250816 ZELDA Liberty County
03-25260 HUEBNER-CONKLIN Matagorda County
03-253419 KIELER HEIRS Wharton County
03-25447 WILDI Liberty County
03-257767 FUTURE SACE LLC Liberty County
03-258027 HENDERSON RANCH Liberty County
03-258130 DOROTIK Wharton County
03-25995 SARAH HUNT 'A' Liberty County
03-260489 HENDERSON RANCH Liberty County
03-262466 MIDDLETON Liberty County
03-263577 WILLIS RANCH Liberty County
03-264265 TBT Liberty County
03-264819 MCDERMAND GAS UNIT Jefferson County
03-264854 VILLAGE CREEK SP GU Hardin County
03-265002 VILLAGE CREEK SP GU Hardin County
03-270074 ZELDA Liberty County
03-271517 MCH Liberty County
03-272084 RAYMOND Liberty County
03-279193 PINEY WOODS Jasper County
03-279194 PINEY WOODS Jasper County
03-279197 LANGHAM Jefferson County
03-282485 TEXLA MILL Orange County
03-282755 MILES Jasper County
03-283853 H J BALLARD Jasper County
04-04626 SAENZ Starr County
04-229687 HAIGOOD Jim Wells County
04-270621 GALLAGHER HEIRS San Patricio County
09-161889 CORRY 3-S Jack County
09-280705 DINWIDDIE Jack County
09-32853 MORTON Jack County
09-32932 DINWIDDIE Jack County
09-33042 CORRY Jack County
09-33407 TAYLOR Jack County
09-33425 MORTON Jack County
09-33434 CORRY Jack County
09-33606 DINWIDDIE Jack County
10-09007 KILLEBREW Roberts County
10-09008 KILLEBREW Roberts County
10-09142 ELLIOTT FARMS Ochiltree County
10-09204 PARSELL RANCH Roberts County
10-09311 KILLEBREW Roberts County

Drilling Permits Filed by Choice Exploration, Inc.