Christie, C. B., Jr. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Christie, C. B., Jr.
Map of Wells Operated by Christie, C. B., Jr.
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Leases Operated by Christie, C. B., Jr.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-04758 MANN, H. G. Montague County
09-06365 HARTSFIELD UNIT Wichita County
09-06366 MCCARTY, LEAH Wichita County
09-06371 CRUSE, F. L. Wichita County
09-06379 WEST, M. W. Wichita County
09-06381 PATTON, J. J. Wichita County
09-08641 MANGOLD UNIT Archer County
09-12012 HOEFLE, M. Jack County
09-12050 HILL, GEO. Jack County
09-12221 SMITH, TOM & ELLEN Jack County
09-12387 CARTER, J. W. -E- Jack County
09-12847 FERGUSON, W. P., -A- Archer County
09-12853 MAHLER UNIT Archer County
09-13864 CARTER, J. W. Jack County
09-13865 CARTER, J. W. -A- Jack County
09-15519 H-B UNIT Wichita County
09-17138 CARTER UNIT Jack County
09-17310 FERGUSON, W. P. Archer County
09-17311 FERGUSON -B- Archer County
09-17454 FERGUSON -C- Archer County
09-17659 MAHLER UNIT Archer County
09-17776 MAHLER -B- Archer County
09-17922 PETRILLI, PRICE Archer County
09-18067 MAHLER -D- Archer County
09-18384 MAHLER UNIT Archer County
09-22375 HOEFLE Jack County
09-22872 HILL Jack County
09-25398 HOEFLE Jack County
8A-18637 WALLACE, BILBY ACCT. 1 Kent County
8A-18639 WALLACE, BILBY ET AL Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Christie, C. B., Jr.