Circle Ridge Production, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Circle Ridge Production, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Circle Ridge Production, Inc.
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PO BOX 284
GRAHAM, TX 76450

(940) 521-9150

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Leases Operated by Circle Ridge Production, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-02779 CORNELIUS, C. C., -G- Harrison County
06-02895 ABNEY, C. M., -H- Harrison County
06-03073 SPEIGHTS, M. L., -G- Harrison County
06-05936 SMITH, J. E. Smith County
06-150640 ABNEY, C. M. "H" Harrison County
06-150804 ABNEY, C.M. "H" Harrison County
06-150807 ABNEY, C. M. "H" Harrison County
06-151247 SPEIGHTS, M.L. "G" Harrison County
06-151252 SPEIGHTS, M. L. "G" Harrison County
06-151255 SPEIGHTS/ABNEY Harrison County
06-151256 SPEIGHTS/ISAAC Harrison County
06-15190 CORNELIUS Harrison County
06-152164 DUDLEY, CHAS A. "G" Harrison County
06-163706 SPEIGHTS, M.L. "G" Harrison County
06-164244 ABNEY, C. M. Harrison County
06-164245 ABNEY, C. M. Harrison County
06-164247 ABNEY, C. M. Harrison County
06-176471 ABNEY-ISSACS Harrison County
06-180134 ABNEY-ISSACS Harrison County
06-184970 ABNEY, C. M. Harrison County
09-08933 WORTHINGTON, L. A. -B- Jack County
09-12174 COPELAND, ANNE Clay County
09-14637 SCOTT HEIRS Young County
09-14884 MCDONALD UNIT Jack County
09-205952 TAYLOR, B. J. 'B' Wise County
09-209128 TANNER, D. Wise County
09-30863 TANNER, D. Wise County
09-30864 TAYLOR, B. J. "B" Wise County
7B-17462 PROPST Jones County
7B-17505 NEELY Eastland County
7B-18224 PROPST A Jones County
7B-18744 NEELY "A" Eastland County
7B-22824 NEELY Eastland County
7B-26986 PROPST Jones County
7B-27009 PROPST "A" Jones County
7B-27068 PROPST "B" Jones County
7B-27077 PROPST "C" Jones County
7B-27096 NEWMAN Jones County
7B-27141 HILL Jones County
7B-27165 NEWMAN "B" Jones County
7B-27185 NEWMAN "B" Jones County
7B-27244 PROPST "D" Jones County
7B-27320 PROPST "F" Jones County
7B-27400 PROPST "H" Jones County
7B-28045 HILL "A" Jones County
7B-28647 PROPST Jones County
7C-09555 ALLEN, RUFUS "C" Runnels County
7C-11573 HOUSTON, ELLA (A) Concho County
7C-11574 HOUSTON, ELLA (B) Concho County
7C-116900 HOUSTON, ELLA Concho County
7C-12492 HOUSTON, ELLA Concho County

Drilling Permits Filed by Circle Ridge Production, Inc.