Clemco Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Clemco
Map of Wells Operated by Clemco
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Leases Operated by Clemco

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04983 PENA, LUIS Frio County
01-05326 WOODWARD La Salle County
01-07942 WAGNER RANCH -A- Dimmit County
06-00871 SCOGGIN, F. E. Wood County
06-01240 CHILDRESS, O. M. Wood County
06-016666 HINTON, W. H. Harrison County
06-016937 HORTON, PORTER Gregg County
06-02003 MCGEE, SALLIE STARR Wood County
06-02043 LEWIS, FLA, ETAL Titus County
06-030127 LAWARENCE, D. Panola County
06-030582 NEWMAN, W. H. UNIT Wood County
06-03083 WHITE, S. H. Wood County
06-03373 WELMAKER, J. C. Smith County
06-03563 JACKSON, W. C. Wood County
06-04106 LAWRENCE, D. Panola County
06-04144 GLADYS FIELDS ESTATE Wood County
06-04751 HUDSON, M. A., UNIT -C- Wood County
06-05042 BLALOCK, I. D. Harrison County
06-05518 BENTON, DIXIE UNIT NO 1 Wood County
06-05714 GREEN, CARROLL Wood County
06-05736 SCHOTT, FRANCIS J. Wood County
06-05805 INGRAM,E.C. Wood County
06-05842 SAMPSON UNIT Smith County
06-05898 KENNEDY, J.W. -A- Wood County
06-05902 NOE, H.H. -A- Wood County
06-063901 SCHOTT,FRANCIS J. Wood County
06-077081 WRIGHT, STELLA Wood County
06-081507 CLEMENTS GAS UNIT NO. 2 Harrison County
06-083073 HENDERSON, JOHN Gregg County
06-086234 CLEMENTS GAS UNIT NO. 3 Harrison County
06-086884 PEARCE GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-087227 CLEMENTS GAS UNIT NO 2 Harrison County
06-088540 HENDERSON GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-10081 MANZIEL OIL UNIT -A- Wood County
06-10086 FOUSE, E. P. Wood County
06-10122 VOGEL, T. O. Wood County
06-10260 BAYES, G. W. Wood County
06-102619 LEATH, C. Harrison County
06-10285 SCHOTT, FRANCIS J. Wood County
06-10324 GREEN, CARROLL Wood County
06-10371 SCOGGINS, O. C. Wood County
06-10452 MCAFEE Wood County
06-10548 CRAFT Wood County
06-10882 SCOGGINS, O. C. Wood County
06-11254 MOSLEY, J. Smith County
06-11386 CAIN, C. E. Wood County
06-11508 CAIN, C. E. Wood County

Drilling Permits Filed by Clemco